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HARVARD SCIENTISTS DISCOVER HOW TO “Switch On” LONGEVITY GENE! America’s #1 Integrative Cardiologist®

Recommends “Take Two and Call Me When You’re 100!”

Doctor’s “Little Red Pill” naturally improves blood pressure, cholesterol, energy and brain health; users report results in just weeks!

Are you suddenly “feeling your age” and struggling to maintain healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and relief from aches and pains? Do you experi- ence a lack of energy throughout the day and have a hard time focusing? If you said yes to one or all of these, then there’s good news.

'U 6WHSKHQ 6LQDWUD VD\V LW PD\ ¿ QDOO\ EH possible to enjoy healthy aging, even up to age 100 by taking 2 small pills a day. Read on...

Dr. Sinatra, a cardiologist for more than 30 years, and best selling health author, was famous for his heart-healthy vitamin cocktail called Omega Q Plus—the “lit- tle red pill”. It kept his patients healthy for decades. Then he added Resveratrol to his tried-and-true formula...why?

“By adding this nutrient to Omega Q Plus, I believe we have created the single great- est anti-aging vitamin ever,” he claims.

Switch “On” Your Longevity Gene Harvard scientists have tested thousands of nutrients to try and activate the anti- aging process. It wasn’t until they tested resveratrol (found in red grapes) that they saw the longevity gene light up like a Christmas tree.

“I spent 12 months reviewing all the research studies. This nutrient not only stimulates the longevity gene but it also works inside your arteries, prevents cho- lesterol oxidation, improves insulin sensi-

tivity, helps keep brain cells younger, and ERRVWV EORRG À RZ +RZ FRXOG , 127 DGG it to my formula?” The result is Omega Q Plus Resveratrol.

Doctor’s 5-in-1 Formula

2QH RI WKH NH\ EHQH¿ WV RI 2PHJD 4 3OXV Resveratrol is that it combines the purest omega-3, CoQ10, and resveratrol along with L-Carnitine and a full complex of B YLWDPLQV 7KHVH ¿ YH QXWULHQWV DUH DW WKH top of the list for most anti-aging doc- tors recommending natural nutrition for a healthy heart and body.

Better Blood Flow, Cholesterol & Sugar Levels

1XPHURXV VWXGLHV FRQ¿ UP UHVYHUDWURO LV a potent antioxidant that inhibits “sticky platelets” inside the arteries while pre- venting bad cholesterol from oxidizing (rusting) in the bloodstream. Addition- ally, it helps improve insulin sensitivity to help keep blood sugar levels steady.

“I take it myself because it is 8 times bet- ter for healthy blood pressure,” says Dr. Sinatra.


1LWULF R[LGH LV WKH JDV QDWXUDOO\ SURGXFHG by the body that keeps arteries wide and À H[LEOH IRU PD[LPXP EORRG À RZ WR WKH whole body. According to a study from Johannes Guttenburg University in Ger- many, a sample of cells that line the arter- ies—known as endothelial cells—started producing more nitric oxide in as little as

24 hours when exposed to resveratrol. That means better circulation throughout your entire body in as little as 24 hours!

Dr. Sinatra’s formula has a professional level dose of resveratrol to enhance blood vessel health, blood pressure, DQG EORRG À RZ $QG LW¶V LQ WKH WUDQV resveratrol form believed to be super- bioavailable.

Noticeable Results in Just Weeks

2QH VDWLV¿ HG FXVWRPHU UHSRUWV ³0\ husband’s blood tests came back perfect. Within 2 weeks I noticed improvements. I’m walking better and feeling more healthy.”*

“I was taking all of these ingredients separately...then I found them all to- gether in Omega Q Plus Resveratrol! , ORYH WKH HDVH 0\ EORRG SUHVVXUH LV good, joint movement easy and free, DQG , IHHO JUHDW ´ FRQ¿ UPV 0U 6OL]

Say Goodbye to Dozens of Pills

The “Little Red Pill” saves you hundreds of dollars a year by combining these nu- trients into one formula and comes with a 90-day guarantee so you can experience noticeable results worry free. Thousands call monthly to order more.

Florence agrees, “I have more energy and stamina. I walk further. I take 2 cap- sules and notice a big difference.”*

More Energy Equals Better Health Omega Q Plus Resveratrol is a heart health formula but you may notice the UDSLG LQFUHDVH LQ HQHUJ\ ¿ UVW 7KLV LV because the Hydro Q-Sorb® form of CoQ10 passes through the cellular mem- branes and feeds your mitrochondria— the fundamental energy furnace of life. Within days, this CoQ10 could double or even triple your energy levels!


Dr. Sinatra compares the effects of CoQ10 on cells by saying, “your mito- chondria instantly ignite and your energy levels soar.”

“By far the best supplement I have ever taken—helps everything—circulation, physical energy, mental energy and brain DFWLYLW\ ´ 0U %LOOHW

Dr. Sinatra weighs in, “With Omega Q Plus Resveratrol you are get- WLQJ HYHU\ QXWULHQW \RX QHHG WR LPPHGLDWHO\ ¿ [ \RXU HQHUJ\ OHYHOV DQG PDNH VXUH WKDW \RXU QH[W EORRG WHVW LV WKH EHVW \RX¶YH KDG LQ years—guaranteed or it’s free!”

Nourishes Healthy, Flexible Joints

As part of his anti-aging formula, Dr. 6LQDWUD PDGH VXUH WR LQFOXGH D VLJQL¿ FDQW amount of omega-3, high in DHA and EPA for better heart, brain and joint health.

Dr. Sinatra’s unique formula replaces WUDGLWLRQDO ¿ VK RLO ZLWK D UDUH IRUP RI omega-3 from calamari (squid) that elim- LQDWHV WKH RGRU DQG WR[LQV RI UHJXODU ¿ VK RLO 7KLV DOORZV \RX WR JHW WKH LQÀ DPPD tion-reducing effects and joint soothing EHQH¿ WV RI RPHJD


Georgia resident Rachel W. discovered a happy surprise after trying Omega Q Plus, “I started taking it to help my knees. I was able to move easier... I had more energy and then I noticed better cholesterol...I would recommend this product to anyone.”*

“Our minds are much clearer...there’s no EXUSLQJ ¿ VK WDVWH LW¶V YHU\ SXUH ´ VD\V Wil W., OR.*

“Dr. Sinatra has created the decade’s most effective anti-aging cocktail,” says clinical nutritionist, Bill Gottlieb.*

When asked what improvements she no- ticed since taking Omega Q Plus, Linda T. said not only had she seen a healthy decrease in her blood pressure and cho-

lesterol levels, she also reported a surge of energy “right away—2 or 3 days after taking it...I absolutely love it!”

With over 10 million bottles sold in the U.S., the effectiveness is well proven.

“The results are so profound customers don’t want to run out,” continues Bill Gottlieb.

Proven Results You Can Feel

• Improve circulation • Boost brain power • Promote all-day energy • Superior heart health • Balance blood pressure • Better cholesterol • Lubricate joints

2 Bonus Bottles of Doctor- Recommended 5-in-1 Formula

Call the toll-free number for your free bonus 60-day supply of the same formula used by Dr. Sinatra’s patients.


30-day supply of Vitamin D3 free with your order. Also be sure to ask how you can receive free copies of the shocking KHDOWK UHSRUWV RQ 0HQWDO &ODULW\ :HLJKW /RVV DQG +HDUW +HDOWK²D


The 2 bonus bottles of Omega-Q Plus Resveratrol, the free reports and free bo- nus gift are yours to keep no matter what you decide.

Call Today for Free Shipping! 1-800-889-6582

These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *Individual results vary. Omega Q Plus Resveratrol helps support overall cardiovascular health.

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