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Today show Style Editor and author Bobbie Thomas

helps you start the new year in an orderly fashion with her go-to picks for organizing out-of-control closets, bursting-at-the-seams

bureaus, messy medicine cabinets and more!

Disorganized jewelry is a pain for two reasons: First,

Jewel Tool

you won’t wear something you can’t see (whether it’s hidden

on a rack or buried in a box). And second—tangles. The dual-sided Umbra Little Black Dress hanging jewelry organizer has clear pockets for rings and earrings, and Velcro hooks for easy access to necklaces, bracelets and bangles. $20,

HOT STUFF For teeny bathrooms that lack coun- ter space, Hot Iron Holsters are a real find. The silicone pouches hang over the edge of your sink or counter, freeing up space and preventing burn marks from curlers and flat irons. $20,


GREAT DIVIDE(R) Perfect for storing socks, bras, ties and belts, these beehive-style Kloud City plastic drawer divid- ers provide a place for everything so everything can stay in its place. Plus, interlocking plastic units allow you to customize. $10,

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HANG TIME These flat, ClutterFree cascading hangers you’ve seen on TV and in stores live up to the hype! In addition to saving space, the velvety material keeps even the slinkiest of fabrics and narrowest of straps from sliding off. $47 (for 100),

Whether you live in a small apartment or a huge house, it seems like there is never enough space in the medicine cabinet. That’s why I flipped when I found these MagnaPods, which multiply your bath- room storage capac- ity. They’re great for Q-tips, lipstick, nail polish and other sun- dries. $10,



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