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Jean Chatzky,Today’s Financial Editor, shares three ways to hike your financial savvy—and security—this year.

1. Become a Secret Saver

Have 2 percent of your paycheck— the amount studies show that people can cut spending without noticing—automatically trans- ferred into a savings account. Then, ask the bank to unlink your savings account from your debit card so you can’t see your savings balance when you use an ATM. Instead, go online once a month to find out how much cash you’ve accumulated.

2.Check YourSpending

Use sites such as Mint.comto helpm you categorize spending. “Once you know where your money is going, then you can start to make changes,”Chatzky says. For example, people are typically sur- prised to see how much they spend on eating at restaurants or on takeout. Make small spending cuts first, she suggests, and examine payments that are automatically deducted from your checking ac- count, such as cell phone services, health clubs, car payments and subscriptions.“See if by making a series of small changes you can actually bring yourself in line and free yourself up to save more money. Make no mistake: The goal of a budget is to enable yourself to save more money.”

3. Refinance

Since interest rates are so low, consider refinancing home, car and student loans and transferring credit-card debt to a zero-interest credit card. “A lot of lenders are willing to refinance private student loans,” she says.

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