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Guthrie, 43, is known for her sun- ny disposition, so it’s no surprise that she’s thankful for the year she just had—including her marriage to communications strategist Michael Feldman and the birth of their first child, Vale. Here are her resolutions for a bright new year.

DO: Practice Gratitude

“The real challenge is when you are disap- pointed or heartbroken or things haven’t turned out the way you wished they would,” Guthrie says. “That is the time to practice gratitude, too. So no matter what the circum- stances, on a daily basis I try to take a deep breath and be thankful for all that I have. All of us who are blessed to live in this country have an abundance of blessings. Making a concerted effort to count your blessings every day is the absolute key to happiness.”


Want to find more calm in your life—and walk out the door feeling great?Today Style Editor Bobbie Thomas says it’s as simple as organizing your closet. “It’s cathartic,” she says. “Organizing your closet will ultimately help you take control over the way you look and feel.” Try her no-fail three-step plan:

1. Do the Yes-No- Maybe Tackle one closet or drawer at a time, and decide in six seconds if each piece is a yes (keep it), no (bag it up to give away) or maybe (gives you pause). Now, as for those maybes...

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2. Be Prepared to “Break Up” When you have time, take out your maybe pile. “You may revisit that old flame and wonder why you wanted to break up,” Thomas says. Or, you may be ready to move on.

3. Weekend Fitting Do a one-hour fitting for yourself on Saturday or Sunday morning. Compile five outfits, one for each day of the week—to help make your workday mornings less stressful.

DON’T: Lose Sight of What’s Important

Guthrie admits that it’s easy to get caught up in a stressful mo- ment and lose per- spective. “We need the will to look up, look out and look around for all we have to be thankful for and share what we have.”


With Matt Lauer’s schedule, is it any wonder that many of his 2015 resolutions are around quality time with family?

DO: Enjoy Today

“I have three kids, and some- times you find yourself looking toward events that are coming up a month or three months down the road instead of stop- ping and enjoying today,” Lau- er says. “So, over the last few years, I’ve tried to say, ‘I’m go- ing to take more time, I’m going to take a deep breath, I’m going to do nothing at points during the day or just sit down with the kids and play a game.’ There have been so many more nice moments because I try not to get ahead of myself anymore.” Lauer will also try to be more present at work: “On the Today show,

we get to do so many incredible things. It goes by in such a blur. So sometimes now I’ll force myself to stop and kind of pivot around and take it all in. It helps me remember what’s going on in my life.”

DON’T: Postpone Adventure

“I love traveling and taking my kids to new places, challenging them and opening their eyes to a different location or culture,” Lauer says. “I want to take my kids to Machu Picchu and Easter Island, two places I went to on the ‘Where in the World is Matt Lauer’ trips. I want the kids to remember adventurous vacations.”


Many of us spend our mornings reacting to other people or outside demands, much of it sent by email. “By the time you stop to focus on yourself, you get five minutes out of every hour to do what you want to do,” Thomas says. Here’s her email-management solution: Don’t respond to emails for the first 45 minutes of your workday. “I make sure in that 45 minutes that I am focused on the things that are most important to me,” she says. Then divide email into categories, labeling those that are both time-sensitive and urgent, those that are just time- sensitive, and those that are urgent. “That way I make sure my priorities are in the right order.”


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