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Begin in traditional push-up position with hands on floor and legs extended, feet on floor. Bring your right knee in toward your chest without resting your foot on the floor; then return it to the starting position. Repeat with your left foot. Continue alternating the feet as fast as you safely can. (To make this more challenging, rest your hands on a medicine ball while doing it.) Aim for 20 on each side.


Lie on the floor on your stomach, legs straight out. Come up and rest your weight on your forearms, elbows bent at 90 degrees. Keep your spine straight—do not let your back sag or your rear pop up in the air—to engage your core. Try holding the pose for 20 seconds at first, and work your way up to one minute.

Treadmill Tips

Jenna Wolfe’s advice for ramping up your workout on the machine we love to hate:

1. Warm up. “Start walking for five minutes with no incline,” she says. “It should be a brisk walk, and you should be able to carry on a conversation.” 2. Climb. “Every minute, increase the incline by one degree, until you can’t get through a whole minute. Then go back down, one degree every minute,” Wolfe suggests. “Now you’ve worked all three parts of your legs.” 3. Improvise. To beat boredom, try walking backward for one minute, then forward for two minutes, then backward for one (put the treadmill on “pause” while you switch directions).

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