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ISSF World Cup: Munich

Bavarian Good Time for Team in Munich

Pictured below: (Left to right) Brandy Drozd, Kim Rhode and Haley Dunn sweep the Women’s Skeet podium at the World Cup in Mu- nich, Germany. Photo by Marco Dalla Dea/ISSF

Athlete, Finish Matt Emmons (Browns Mills, N.J.) 12th

Michael McPhail (Darlington, Wis.) 17th Ryan Anderson (Wasilla, Alaska) 38th Matt Emmons (Browns Mills, N.J.) 4th

Michael McPhail (Darlington, Wis.) 17th Ryan Anderson (Wasilla, Alaska) 25th

Dempster Christenson (Sioux Falls, S.D.) 49th

Ryan Anderson (Wasilla, Alaska) 81st Connor Davis (Shelbyville, Ky.) 96th Jason Turner (Rochester, N.Y.) 15th Jim Henderson (Midland, Ga.) 58th

Keith Sanderson (Colorado Springs, Colo.) 4th Five-time Olympic med-

alist Kim Rhode (El Monte, California) made shooting history once again, this time bringing along teammates Brandy Drozd (Bryan, Texas) and Haley Dunn (Eddyville, Iowa). The three American Women’s Skeet competitors swept the podium at the In- ternational Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Cup event in Munich, Germany, to highlight a seven-medal performance for the USA Shooting Team. The World Cup podium

sweep was just the seventh all-time within the shotgun discipline dating back to 1986. For Rhode and Dunn, history did in fact repeat it- self as they were a part of the last podium sweep on re- cord when they teamed with Connie Smotek for a similar performance in 2008. Italy and the U.S. are the only teams to have ever claimed all three podium spots dur- ing a World Cup with Italy doing it in 1989 in Men’s Trap, 1998 in Men’s Skeet and 1999 in Women’s Trap.

The U.S. Men’s Skeet Team of current head coach Todd Graves, Edward McCamish and Bill Roy accomplished the feat back in 1993 in Los Angeles. Tori Burch (Kerrville,

Texas) and Janessa Bea- man (Colorado Springs, Colorado) kicked off the U.S. success with a 1-2 fi nish in Women’s Trap. That was fol- lowed by yet another strong performance by the Men’s Double Trap team in which Glenn Eller (USAMU/Hous- ton, Texas) and Jeff Holguin (USAMU/Yorba Linda, Cali- fornia) took home the silver and bronze medals. While all podium perfor-

mances for the USA came in shotgun, both Keith Sander- son (Colorado Springs, Colo- rado) and Matt Emmons (Browns Mills, New Jersey) nearly joined with a pair of fourth-place fi nishes. Addi- tionally, Sarah Scherer (Wo- burn, Massachusetts) was an event fi nalist in Air Rifl e, fi nishing seventh.

Emil Milev (Temple Terrace, Fla.) 17th Brad Balsley (Uniontown, Pa.) 46th Will Brown (Twin Falls, Idaho) 25th

Jim Henderson (Midland, Ga.) 36th Jason Turner (Rochester, N.Y) 52nd Ryan Hadden (Pendleton, Ore.) 11th Jake Wallace (Castaic, Calif.) 49th

Seth Inman (Independence, Mo.) 82nd Glenn Eller (Houston, Texas) 2nd

Jeff Holguin (Yorba Linda, Calif.) 3rd Josh Richmond (Hillsgrove, Pa.) 29th Dustin Perry (Lovelady, Texas) 4th

Frank Thompson (Alliance, Neb.) 5th Vincent Hancock (Eatonton, Ga.) 41st Sarah Scherer (Woburn, Mass.) 28th

Amy Sowash (Richmond, Ky.) 29th Amanda Furrer (Spokane, Wash.) 33rd Sarah Scherer (Woburn, Mass.) 7th

Sagen Maddalena (Groveland, Calif.) 47th Sarah Beard (Danville, Ind.) 50th

Sandra Uptagrafft (Phenix City, Ala.) 23rd

Teresa Chambers (Dearborn, Mich.) 26th Enkelejda Shehaj (Naples, Fla.) 29th Sandra Uptagrafft (Phenix City, Ala.) 32nd Enkelejda Shehaj (Naples, Fla.) 54th

Teresa Chambers (Dearborn, Mich.) 62nd Victoria Burch (Kerville, Texas) 1st

Janessa Beaman (Colorado Springs, Colo.) 2nd Ashley Carroll (Solvang, Calif.) 13th Kim Rhode (El Monte, Calif.) 1st

Brandy Drozd (Bryan, Texas) 2nd Haley Dunn (Eddyville, Iowa) 3rd

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