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or social gossip? Stan Atkins, group chief executive officer of BICSc, reports.

Probably the earliest form of socialmedia was cave paintings created by primitiveman. It is well documented that the Ro- mans, carrying out their ablutions, also conducted their busi- ness and socialised at the same time. Later, in Georgian times, the village pump, the coffee shop, and a journey by stagecoach were all vehicles (if you will forgive the pun) for social gossip. The phrase a ‘cock and bull story’ means that a story is

likely to be untrue and that it lacks in any facts to support it. The Cock and the Bull were both coaching inns in Stony Stratford. These competing inns established a rivalry as to which could produce the most exciting and scurrilous trav- ellers' tales to be passed on to themajor cities. As a result, many unbelievable stories were dismissed as Cock and Bull stories. Therefore, it could be argued that the essence of social

media is based on who is writing it and whether theymake any attempt to check their facts or explain the detail to their audience. This is something that is extremely important when in a position of responsibility or authority. A large group of personalities use Twitter to connect with

their fans or followers. On Saturday 26 October Lou Reed passed away. On Tuesday 29 October Lou Bega received nu- merous condolencemessages on his Twitter feed. Lou Reed had passed away - Lou Bega is still with us! This shows just how ridiculous amistake in socialmedia can be for the writer if they do not check their facts properly. Not tomention how disconcerting for the recipient. Another by-product of this culture of social access is re-

grettably the enhanced opportunities it provides for social os- tracism and cyber bullying. This sort of behaviour is as old as humanity itself - both Egyptians and Romans would write curses on tablets before driving them into the walls of a vic- tims house in the hope that misfortune would befall the owner. However, the new level of access provided by social media sitesmakes this process all themore intrusive. On themain forms of socialmedia - Facebook, Twitter, and

Linked In - it is possible for a group leader to exclude any indi- vidual fromtheir group. This is normally done on the basis of the group leaders views being rightly orwrongly different from the groupmember in question. Therefore it is more accurate to describe this as building a community of your choosing. Responsible individuals and organisations try their best to

balance the content they produce. It is too easy to shoot from the hip - to coin a phrase - using social media.When Lord King was chairman of British Airways he was asked what his most valuable lesson was in the business world. He replied: "If one is inclined to respond immediately to a memo or act in a strong manner then one should write the memo and place it under one’s blotting pad. Sleep on it, and if you feel the same way in the morning, send the memo."Nowadays there are not many desks that have blotting pads, although there are not many desks that are without a PC or a laptop - which enable immediate responses to become the norm. Although Iamnot a great user (in fact, rather a very limited

user) of social media, Irealise and understand its benefits to both individuals and companies - and the British Institute of Cleaning Science is now utilising socialmedia sites. Please join us to read more about BICSc and to keep up to date with the latest news, events and industry conversations.

8 l C&M l DECEMBER 2013 l Rob Cattell. The Environmental + busi-

ness employs over 37,000 people, supporting high pro- file clients within the retail, commercial, healthcare, transport, manufacturing and leisure sectors. Cattell said: “We have been

market leaders in the indus- try for over 25 years. Our clients’ response to eco- nomic conditions has cre- ated a dynamic never seen before in our industry, and I am determined that we seize this opportunity by continu- ing to innovate and evolve to support our clients run more efficient businesses.”

Scot Young Research has ap- pointed Vernon Holmes as vice-chairman. Holmes has a wealth of experience gained from a long career spanning over 38 years in the professional cleaning indus- try, formerly as managing di- rector of Contico/Spraychem, thereafter as commercial di- rector, following the acquisi- tion of Contico by Robert Scot & Sons Ltd in March 2012. Holmes said: “I am really

Vernon Holmes.

MITIE has appointed Rob Cattell as the new managing director of Environmental +. He replaces David Johnson, who has retired. Cattell has over 25 years’

experience in facilities man- agement both at a national and international level and, prior to this appointment, has been managing director of MITIE's Facilities Services business for the past four years.

pleased and excited by the prospects and opportunities this appointment brings. After 38 years with Contico it was time for me to move on and look for a fresh chal- lenge where I would be able to fully utilise my knowledge and experience. This appoint- ment fulfils my objectives perfectly and to be joining SYR at such an exciting pe- riod in the company’s history is an added bonus. SYR is ex- panding globally at a rapid pace, building on its long tra- dition of pushing forward the boundaries of cleaning excel- lence through research, and innovative and unique solu- tions. It is good to be joining a company with all the re- sources of a professional ex- perienced business in position, coupled with a moti- vated senior management team. There is energy within SYR which is so refreshing; the future is looking bright!” Scot Young, chairman and

founder of SYR, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have Vernon on board in the newly-created position of vice-chairman. His depth of knowledge in the cleaning industry sector we operate in is second to none and he brings a level of integrity, professionalism and man- agement skills to our busi- ness which will galvanise our efforts in securing the pre- cipitous growth path we have already embarked upon. We wish him every success in his new role.”

Duplex has announced that BarryWilmot, business de- velopment manager, has ac- ceded to the role of national accounts manager. He said: “This is an exciting opportu- nity for me as we continue to expand into our core sectors. With Duplex's long history of quality, reliability and robust- ness, I am very keen to in- crease brand awareness throughout the UK of this ex- cellent range of cleaning machines and my new role will enable me to introduce greater numbers of discern- ing buyers to the benefits Duplex has to offer."

Sarah Southworth, founder of Specialised Cleaning Services, achieved a special recognition award within the ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year’ category at this year’s Enterprise Vision Awards (the EVAs). Winner of ‘Business

Woman of the Year 2012’, Southworth, who set up her family run business in 2005, now operates a with a team of 25 staff and 10 vans and offers the full spectrum of cleaning services to busi-

nesses and Housing Associa- tions from its head office in Preston, Lancashire. She said: “To achieve special recognition for this award is a fantastic result for me and my business. I was humbled to be a finalist in the first in- stance and to get to this stage really has made me re- flect on my achievements. My journey to self-employment was not something I planned for or ever dreamt I could achieve. It was motivated by the need to have a flexible job to care for my two young boys after their father’s sui- cide. Having left home at 15 and with no support from family or friends, it was make or break for my little family and so I took an ironing job for £3 an hour working from home. I would iron for up to 15 hours a day and when the opportunity arose to ‘buy the round’ for £100, I borrowed the money and bought it! The pivotal point came in 2008 when an opportunity to clean a void property arose and that really was the turning point and when Specialised Cleaning Services was born.”

NigelMynott has joined Greyland as sales execu- tive/licenced trade business development manager. He has been embedded within the cleaning industry throughout his working life, specialising in the hospitality and licenced trade sectors, looking after several large multiple site groups throughout the UK. He has also worked extensively overseas working with chemical manufacturers at many international exhibi- tions as well as developing contacts in the UAE, USA, and Europe. "My background has al-

ways been chemicals, hy- giene products and floor treatments, so my recent ap- pointment with Greyland feels like I have come full circle back to what I know and enjoy," he said.

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