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One unique cloth - twice the performance

AquaBuddy trio make a splash for recycling

Leafield Environmental has added three new AquaBud- dies to its growing collection of EnviroBuddy novelty recy- cling bins. PenguinBuddy, Dolphin-

Buddy and FrogBuddy are the latest in line up of colourful characters de- signed especially to engage and encourage young chil- dren to clean up litter and recycle at home and at school. The EnviroBuddy col- lection, which includes planet-friendly SpaceBud- dies and appealing Smiley Face Bins, were created to give schools a fun and inter- active head start when teaching children about re- cycling. On average primary

schools generate 45kg of waste per pupil per aca- demic year,mostlymade up of food waste, paper and

The Big White Refill Mop system

Vileda Professional has an- nounced the latest addition to itsmicrofibre cloth range - PVAmicro - which combines the properties of knittedmi- crofibre and PVA. This innovative new prod-

uct is completely unique to Vileda Professional and in- cludes patented technology that allows for streak free, scratch free cleaning. Due to the unique PVA coating, the knittedmicrofibre cloth is proven to exhibit excellent rinsability, holding 60 times less dirt particles after rins- ing compared to a conven- tional knittedmicrofibre cloth. This dramatically re- duces the risk of damage to

sensitive surfaces and the surface also dries faster. "Professional car valeters

and window cleaners have been using our PVA technol- ogy for years due to its excel- lent absorbency and streak-free properties that are so vital when cleaning glass and other glossy sur- faces," said Karen Barker, marketing manager for Vileda Professional. As well as exhibiting excel-

lentmicrofibre cleaning per- formance, PVAmicro also provides cost savings due to its ability to be washed up to 400 times. www.vileda-

time or where English isn’t their first language, we have introduced pictures and dia- grams on our products to make it clear which product is which.”

Introducing Tork SmartOne

One of the most popular washroom products moving from Lotus Professional to Tork is Tork SmartOne Toilet Roll, T8 systemand the Tork SmartOneMini Toilet Roll, T9 system. SmartOne is claimed to be the most in- novative toilet tissue system on themarket, which re- duces tissue consumption by up to 40%by dispensing just one sheet at a time, making it perfect for high

traffic washrooms in a vari- ety of environments.

A newproduct innovation: Tork Xpress

A new product launched in October is the Tork Xpress CountertopMultifold Hand Towel Dispenser, H2 system. This product delivers self- presenting single sheet hand towels that offer a cost-ef- fective and hygienic solution. It is available in black or white with high gloss finish - the black dispenser is ideal for high-class hotels and restaurants, while the white colour is designed for healthcare facilities and of- fices. Hand towels are pro- tected inside the dispenser for good hygiene and re- duced waste. Other benefits include one-at-a-time dis-

Every year the UK cleaning industry buys and sells 700 tonnes of plastic mop sockets, almost all of which, ultimately, end up in a landfill site causing environmental damage as well as being extremely costly. In an effort to reduce waste and save money, Robert Scott & Sons Ltd has developed a new

eco-friendly mopping system to further enhance its Big White Mop - the Big White Refill Mop system. The patented Big White Refill Mop system comprises two

parts: a detachable socket and clip, and a replaceable mop refill. Simple and easy to use, the mop is placed inside the clip and the socket pushed on evenly. The clip and refill is secured by screwing the handle into the socket. When the mop is old and dirty, simply remove the handle to

release the clip and dispose of the mop in a paper recycling bin, then replace with a brand new mop. More hygienic and more environmentally friendly and no more unnecessary waste. The Big White plastic socket and clip can be washed and

reused many times and are colour coded to make cleaning easier to segregate and prevent cross contamination in envi- ronmentally sensitive areas.

Combined washroom range results fromcustomer study Continued fromPage 28.

pensing for improved cost- in-use,modern design and compact size, and - designed for washroom countertops - a level indicator which shows when the dispenser needs refilling, and an overfill pro- tection for easymainte- nance.

A variety of dispenser solutions

Tork Elevation is a seamless and functional dispenser de- sign series with amodern feel that fits into most wash- room environments. Tork El- evation dispensers have received two design awards - the iF ‘Product Design Award’ and the Red Dot Award for Product Design. TorkWave is the new name

for the dispenser range pre- viously known as Lotus Pro-

fessional translucent blue or white. Its reliability and inno- vation are instantly recog- nised by customers. Tork Aluminium dis-

pensers are designed for high image washrooms. A stylish brushed aluminium finish gives a high quality feel, creating an exclusive and modern look. Tork also offers a selection of dis- pensers in stainless steel as a complement to existing de- sign lines. Branwhite concluded:

“Keeping washroomswell stocked, clean and hygienic as well asmaintaining a level of professionalismcan be a seri- ous challenge for businesses working to tight budgets in the hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors. Our new, easily-identifiable pack- ing, product names featuring key benefits and pictures means the appropriate wash-

roomproducts can be effort- lessly chosen and ongoing supplies easily managed. With our newassortmentwe can showthatwhile there are universal requirements forwashroom,we under- stand implicitly howdifferent sectors have specialist needs, andwe nowhave the products to offer for themost varied customer require- ments.” The introduction of Tork’s washroom range is the sec- ond phase in a number of planned product rebrands to be rolled out into 2014, following ‘wiping and clean- ing’ earlier in the year. Tabletop will be the final stage of themigration in January 2014 and will in- clude interfold napkins, tra- ditional dispenser napkins, conventional napkins, and tableware. l DECEMBER 2013 l C&M l 31

card.Much of this could be recycled and even generate a small income for schools. 371 primary and nursery

schools have already adopted EnviroBuddies to add an important element of fun and personality to their recycling lessons. Leafield's MD, Phil Mad- dox, said: "We are delighted

the novelty bins are really helping to deliver the recy- clingmessage to children. Working with schools to de- velop this fun collection of EnviroBuddies has helped us create characters that children can really relate to in a fun learning environ- ment."

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