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Cleaning simplicity promotes washroomappearance

Well-presented washrooms reveal a lot about a business. They show the business takes pride in its premises, wants tomake a good impression and understands this most basic of facilities can have a major impact on customer behaviour. But the opposite is also true. Poorly

maintained washrooms have a negative ef- fect on customers’ perceptions. Research commissioned by Diversey Care highlighted that customers who encounter a dirty washroom react negatively. In hotels, for example, they are more likely to give poor recommendations and feedback on review websites. With all the tools and products available it should not be difficult to keep a washroom clean, hygienic and smelling fresh right through the day. The challenge is to ensure that regular cleaning can be completed simply and sustainably without letting costs get out of control. A good way to promote high standards

and keep costs down is to simplify cleaning processes. The Taski Sani 4in1 washroom cleaner from Diversey Care offers a new way of working by replacing four or more alternative products for simplicity and re- duced costs. Operators can complete all periodic and daily cleaning tasks with this single product that delivers disinfection, descaling, cleaning and deodourising to maintain or improve the appearance of the washroom. It can be used in all acid-resis- tant areas including toilet bowls, basins, urinals, walls and floors to remove soils, odours, limescale and contamination. Like many Diversey Care products it contains patented ONT(odour neutralising technol- ogy) that chemically removes malodours

The Taski Sani 4in1 washroomcleaner from Diversey Care offers a newway of working by replac- ing fourormore alternative prod- ucts forsimplicity and reduced costs. Operators can complete all peri- odic and daily cleaning tasks with this single product that delivers disin- fection, descaling, cleaning and de- odourising to maintain orim- prove the appear- ance of the washroom.

rather thanmasking them with overpower- ing perfumes. Taski Sani 4in1 is available as a highly

sustainable concentrate in the SmartDose and QuattroSelect platforms and in ready- to-use formats. Early adopters have re- ported better control over cleaning costs with improved results. The very best cost- in-use comes from using Taski Sani 100 for general tasks and Taski Sani 4in1 for toilet bowls. Additional sustainability benefits arise because this product is available in the new Taski Pur-Eco range with EU Eco- label and Nordic Swan certification. Products such as Taski Sani 4in1 can be used with tools and equipment for both

floor and hard surface cleaning - tools such as the Taski VersaPlus floor mopping sys- tem, which can be used with any of Diversey Care's disposable or microfibre mops, and Taski Standard microfibre cloths. Standards are also improved by remain-

ing well organised, especially as wash- rooms are likely to be checked and cleaned frequently throughout the day. Cleaning products should be stored together, close to where needed, so that action can be taken whenever required. In larger sites, and to support multiple washrooms, the in- tegrated Taski Trolley system is ideal for keeping supplies (includingmicrofibre tools) together and transporting themto wherever they are needed. Items placed in the right position for ergonomic and effi- cient processes help avoid the need for staff to stretch or bend. Colour coding pro- motes proper use of items for specific areas. Another benefit of the trolley is that it can form a highly visible temporary bar- rier to the washroom entrance while clean- ing takes place. Trolleys are also ideal for periodic clean-

ing, problemsolving and spot cleaning. In large and busy sites a high profile ‘rapid re- sponse’ trolley can deliver a clear signal to employees and customers that the busi- ness takes cleaning seriously and will deal with any problems quickly and profession- ally. Periodic and problem solvers fromDi- versey Care include Good Sense Breakdown which contains ONTand can be used to remove the organic residues on surfaces or down drains and sinks that cause many of the bad smells found in washrooms.

Combined washroom range results fromcustomer study

Businesses looking for a range of wash- room products that are easy for staff and purchasers to identify yet present a pro- fessional hygiene environment for cus- tomers should consider Tork. As key ranges from Lotus Professional migrate into the Tork product portfolio, SCA - the parent company behind the brands - has revealed the findings of its extensive washroom study. The research underpins the demand for a benefit-focussed range of products including hand towels, toilet rolls and skin care dispensers.

“We conducted global research with staff and customers on the Lotus Professional washroom range, so we’re 100% confident in our new assortment because it’s grounded in customer insights, not guesswork.”

Customers using the Tork washroom

range can still expect the same quality they are used to from Lotus Professional, but will also see easier to understand packag- ing, a consolidated range and products that are differentiated by their key benefit. All towels and rolls from the Tork range will still be manufactured to the same specifi- cation, meaning they will fit existing Lotus Professional dispensers.

Innovation through customer insight

Charlotte Branwhite, SCA product and seg- ment manager, said: “We conducted global research with staff and customers on the Lotus Professional washroom range, so we’re 100% confident in our new assort- ment because it’s grounded in customer insights, not guesswork. The overwhelming feedback was that our range could be con- fusing, with some respondents citing diffi- culties like ‘finding it hard to choose products that willmeet their needs’, ‘find- ing sub-brands unhelpful’, and ‘it’s hard to know which refill goes with which dis- penser’. However, one consistent factor is that the product qualities have stayed the same. For us, this meant any changes

28 l C&M l DECEMBER 2013 l

made to Lotus Professional refills would be purely aesthetic. Customers can rest assured that all they loved about Lotus Professional now lives on in Tork, but that the selection from our whole product range is now much more user-friendly.” Branwhite continued: “Quite simply, our

product names are streamlined - each be- ginning with our ‘Tork’ brand and incorpo- rating the key product benefit, such as ‘Extra Soft’, replacing the ‘Premium’, ‘Ad- vanced’ and ‘Universal’ quality tags within the name, which our customers previously found difficult to understand. Our quality tiers will still be shown on pack though to assist differentiation between refills.We have also distinguished our dispenser of- fering into four Tork ranges - Elevation, Wave, Aluminium and Stainless Steel, to meet the needs of hygiene critical wash- rooms, through to high image, stylish so- lutions. These changes have been extremely well received by our customers, especially those operating in the hospital- ity, public sector, healthcare, and service industries. Furthermore, to help those using our products who either have little

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