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Sealed Air announces rebranding

Sealed Air Corporation, a global leader in food safety and se- curity, facility hygiene and product protection, has announced a comprehensive rebrand of the company. Among the broad range of elements involved in the rebrand is a new and mod- ern brand identity. “Sealed Air’s rebranding represents a new direction towards

Principle announces newwindow cleaning company

Principle Cleaning Services Ltd’s growth is continuing as it launches a new window cleaning company to com- plement its cleaning serv- ices. Seeing a gap in the market for a new type of window cleaning service, the new company - named Prin- ciple Window Cleaning - will be a boutique window clean- ing company headed up by newly appointed operations director, David Saville. Principle Cleaning Services

was established by the cur- rent chief executive, Douglas Cooke, who has developed and grown the company into the success it is today. In 2014, the sustainable clean- ing company, based in Lon- don, will celebrate 25 years in the industry. In that time, it has built up an impressive portfolio of customers across London, including some of the City’s most prestigious landmark build- ings. It continues to lead the industry through innovation with the recent launch of its pioneeringmethod, Hybrid Cleaning. Saville has a wealth of ex- perience through an estab- lished career in the cleaning industry. He first joined Ra- moneur in 1985 and then

building a stronger more unified organisation for the future,” said president and CEO, Jerome Peribere. “For a company of our size, reach and scale, we have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world around us. The ‘Re-imagine’ tagline captures our ingenuity to rethink what is possible for our employees, our company and our customers across the globe.” Sealed Air’s new identity replaces the legacy logo with con-

temporary letterforms partnered with a stylised trillian icon. Jeanine Gaffke, the company’s head of branding and services, explained: “The trillian icon was inspired by the gemstone cut, which expressesmultiple facets of a powerful interconnected and a forward-looking organisation. The new Sealed Air iden- tity symbolises the positive changes we’remaking as a com- pany to re-imagine the world around us.” Sealed Air operates through three divisions: Food Care,

Product Care, and Diversey Care. Diversey Care is the new name for the global commercial cleaning, sanitation and hy- giene solutions business working within the food service, re- tail, hospitality and facility services industries. “Our brand launch is just the beginning,” said Peribere. “In

the coming months, we will continue to reveal Sealed Air’s new direction to customers and investors to show that we truly are a different operation.We are building a stronger perform- ing company by creating a meaningful story and clearly organ- ised portfolio withmarket-leading brand and end-to-end solutions that offer our stakeholders great value.”

went on to be divisional MD of LondonWindow Cleaning for OCS. His most recent role was a director of Ad- vance Cleaning. He said: “The window and high level cleaning industry has changed over the past 20 years and as the next batch of new age London sky- scrapers comes near to completion, the next two decades will bringmore changes still. With better training and technology being embraced, our staff will be developed and cho-

sen specifically for the task making Principle Window Cleaningmuch better pre- pared for these changes than your average window cleaning company.” Certified to environmental

standard ISO 14001 and a certified CarbonNeutral company, Principle Window Cleaning - with its very own recognised logo and brand- ing - will look to be even more creative so that its im- pact on the environment is a positive one.

BIFM holds inaugural corporate member event

Over 150 guests attended the British Institute of Facilities Management’s (BIFM) inaugural ‘Corporate Members Monthly Event’, held at Channel 4, London on 31 October. The event is considered by the institute as being central to

supporting FM organisations. Gareth Tancred, CEO of BIFM, said: “With over 580 corporate members, there was a real need to host events specifically tailored to these organisa- tions. Many members came to us requesting a professional platform to network, engage and share best practice and ex- perience with fellow organisations. Feedback to date is that we not only met this need, but exceeded it through our first event. Thank you to everyone who attended, and who sup- ported us in this new venture.”

Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners Making cleaning a profession to be proud of

MaureenMarden, Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, reports on the importance that cleaning plays in our lives.

Imagine a world with no cleaners.Not a pleasant thought is it? Ensuring a clean and hygienic environ- ment, at home, at work, or at school, both indoors and outdoors, is essential to us all in a number of ways. Cleaning keeps us healthy, by banishing bacteria and dust, and also contributes to our wider wellbeing.Work-

ers will bemore productive, students will have better learning outcomes, and members of the public will feel safer and happier if their surroundings are clean and well-maintained. There’s no denying that

cleaning is a vital service, contributingmuch to society and the facilitiesmanage- ment sector - so why do

6 l C&M l DECEMBER 2013 l

some people still not take it seriously? I welcome recent news about further support for the London LivingWage, and a call from the Associa- tion of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals for cleaners in their sector to undertake rel- evant qualifications. This can only help to raise the profile of the cleaning industry, and emphasise its importance to the UK economy. It echoes theWorshipful

Company of Environmental Cleaners’ aims to encourage and maintain high standards of practice and integrity, while promoting and supporting

education, training and re- search projects within our sector. Cleaning is a profes- sion to be proud of, and one that offers lots of opportuni- ties. It can be a flexible option for students, parents or car- ers, who need to fit work in around other commitments. It offers much in terms of job satisfaction - how many other professions allow you to see the result of your efforts so clearly - and it can also be the first step on a career that could lead to jobs in infection control, facilities manage- ment, H&S, and more. TheWorshipful Company of

Environmental Cleaners will continue to work with its partners to promote the cleaning cause and I’mlook- ing forward to seeing what developments - in terms of training and technology - will emerge during 2014 to fur- ther enhance this sector. Our message is clear - stand up and be proud to be a cleaner! If you would like to find out

more about theWorshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, or any of our initia- tives or events, please email, or tele- phone 020 7704 1515.

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