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 Contracts Promoting best practice

Cleaning expert Delia Can- nings has formed a partner- ship with Altro to promote cleaning best practice, and is showcasing a wide range of the company’s floors and walls in her new cleaning training centre in Birming- ham. Delia Cannings is one of

the UK’s leading experts on cleaning science, and is the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP) lead for education and training. She now runs her own training consul- tancy, Environmental Excel- lence Training & Development Ltd, and has over 30 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, includ- ingmost recently in the edu- cation sector where she was business development direc- tor for a Birmingham col- lege. The new training centre

has been built to support, deliver and assess a range of Delia’s educational pro-

their products are absolutely at the cutting edge of profes- sional flooring and walling solutions.” The training centre fea-

Delia Cannings of Environmental Excellence Training & Development Ltd host one of her newcourses.

grammes specialising in cleaning and environmental science. She said: “In setting up the cleaning training cen- tre,my vision was to create an environment where cleaning professionals from industries such as hospital- ity, sport, education and healthcare, could see first- hand the inspired scenarios they could develop in their own premises, and learn how to clean and maintain themfor optimum results. I

wanted to create a number of real-life settings where we use ideal fixtures and fittings to demonstrate ease of maintenance, and stylish, colourful and attractive bed- rooms, bathrooms, board- rooms and hospital wards. Inspirational places that would promote wellbeing, make people feel safe, re- laxed and cared for.Working with Altro was a key part of my vision. I have worked with Altro for many years and

tures a showroom of a broad range of room scenarios where Altro products have been fitted. These include a bathroom, hi-spec kitchen, sluice area, bedroom, toilet, offices, conference room, storage area, and a dedi- cated space which show- cases a number of different Altro floors. Lucy Bilotto,marketing manager at Altro, said: “We are delighted to support Delia by providing products for her new training centre. Like all manufacturers of safety flooring we know that these products require a dif- ferent approach to cleaning and by working with Delia we can reachmore people with information on how to care for the floor throughout its life. Major injuries resulting from slips, often on wet floors, affect around 10,000 people each year. Safety flooring can help reduce that risk of a slip to one in a mil-

Fosse Shopping Park reappoints Regent

Leicester retail destination, Fosse Shopping Park, has reappointed Regent Samsic to provide its cleaning and security services. The two- year term cleaning and se- curity contract, with a one-year extension option, also includes maintenance and park presentation serv- ices for the 37-acre site. All shops and food outlets,

together with a communal eating area, are situated on the ground floor making ac- cess easier for shoppers. Free parking for over 2500 cars helps make this one of the most popular and suc- cessful retail parks in the country. Incumbent service

providers at the park since 2010, Regent Samsic’s

round-the-clock security op- erations comprise CCTV monitoring, patrolling com- mon areas, and park perimeter security, in addi- tion to supporting in-store security personnel involving nine Regent Security offi- cers, two supervisors and a manager. There are also pe- riodic joint undercover oper- ations with the stores on site to control shoplifting which is having a significant effect on reducing crime and theft. Out of hours security is firmly backed up by Regent Securitymobile patrols. Working very closely with

the police liaison officer and the local police force, the se- curity teamis updated on any suspicious personnel operating in the area.

10 housekeeping person-

nel fromRegent’s cleaning division, overseen by three team leaders and one man- ager, are working through- out the week in Fosse Shopping Park’s food court, toilets, and circulation areas in addition to providing two daily spot cleaning shifts. The management team

consistently reviews effi- ciency levels, bringing on board innovative ideas and ways to ensure maximum productivity of the house- keeping team. A Regent maintenance team operating Monday-Friday with 24/7 callout employs two techni- cal personnel and a supervi- sor working day-to-day requirements, backed up by selected and approved serv-

ice partners for any special- ist work. Regent also manages the

park presentation team, with three operatives plus a su- pervisor 363 days per year, seven days a week, on a rolling shift. "Training our teams is a

vital part of the Regent cul- ture and several courses have been completed by the teamon site including NVQ level 2 in customer service, fire awareness, NVQ in occu- pational health and safety, prevention and control of in- fection, first aid andmore," said Regent joint managing director, Jonathan King. "The team operating at Fosse Park has fully inte- grated into their culture and we are proud of the long-

Healthyoutlook as OCS retainsBUPAcontract

OCS has secured an exten- sion to its soft facilities man- agement contract with BUPA, the world-leading pri- vate healthcare company. The contract is worth in ex- cess of £21 million over the course of the potential con- tract term. OCS will provide cleaning

and window cleaning, horti- culture, pest control, manned guarding, alarmre- sponse and key holding, se- curity systems, consumables, washroom, clinical and confidential

waste recycling, document management and CAFM helpdesk services to 34 sites across the UK, with further growth anticipated during the tenure. The locations include office

accommodation, wellness centres and dental practices, with around 160 operatives working on site, along with a dedicated management and administrative team. RichardMarshall, national

accounts director, said: “We are delighted to have re- tained this prestigious con-

18 l C&M l DECEMBER 2013 l

tract with such a renowned name in the private health- care sector, which is largely due to the ongoing commit-

ments of our dedicated man- agement team. It is testa- ment to the hard work of all the staff involved with the

British Library contract retained

Emprise Services plc has been awarded a contract ex- tension with longstanding client, The British Library. Emprise has beenworking with the British Library since 2003 to deliver daily cleaning, windowcleaning, exterior cleaning, hygiene services,

specialist cleaning, and waste management services. Over the course of this 10

year relationship, Emprise has implemented daytime cleaning, an output specifica- tionmodel, electronic audit- ing and a risk/reward scheme. Emprise has also

lion so we want to work with Delia and others in the cleaning industry to promote best practice on how to maintain safety floors so that they look good and continue to keep people safe from slips and falls.” Cannings concluded: “The

centre looks wonderful. Everyone who comes here is amazed at what can be achieved with flooring and walling, in terms of colour, style, mood, texture and overall effect. They are so impressed. For example the purple walls in the toilet are fantastic, and the bright red AltroWhiterock Splashbacks in the hi-spec kitchen are gorgeous. Also, people can- not believe that the Altro flooring isn’t real wood; it is so realistic. I am hoping that by working with Altro we can help the cleaning industry to raise its game in terms of delivery of cleaning stan- dards and creating ideal en- vironments that are easy to clean and maintain, yet look stylish, funky and appeal- ing.”

standing working partner- ship that Regent and Fosse Shopping Park now enjoy." "Choosing the right bun-

dled soft services provider that fits into our culture and ethos is extremely impor- tant to me and the welfare of Fosse Shopping Park," said centremanager, Adrian Young. "Our aimis always to provide a shopping experi- ence that is highly enjoy- able, clean, safe and secure from the moment anyone walks in to the moment they leave. Regent has the flexi- ble, can-do mentality and insight to fully understand and buy in to my vision for the present and future of the park. Regent also un- derstands that best value and not just best price are keys to achieving a high level of service delivery."

contract, together with our innovative approach to cus- tomer service and opera- tional delivery.” OCS has worked with

BUPA since April 2009.

implemented a recycling and waste management scheme that saw the library achieve its ambitious 70%recycling target a year ahead of schedule and then set new, more ambitious waste man- agement targets to further improve the library’s green credentials.

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