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 NewProducts ‘All in one’ mopping solution

Vileda Professional is helping tomake cleaning easier with the launch of its new SprayPromopping system. It doesn’t re- quire a bucket, simply fill the handle then spray and mop. SprayPro offers a floor cleaning system

that’s simple to use and easy to store. It is available for use with Vileda’s durable or disposablemicrofibremop pads, both ideal for mopping areas of up to 75m², as well as staircases and spot cleaning. "Our experience of working with cleaning

professionals showed us that they often needed a solution that is very quick and ready to use," said Karen Barker,marketing manager for Vileda Professional. "SprayPro has been designed to do just that - it’s com- pact which is ideal for sites with limited storage areas, lightweight making it easy to use, and there’s no need to carry around or refill heavy buckets of water.”

The water and cleaning solution is stored

inside the handle of SprayPro, and the spray is activated by squeezing the trigger to dispense an even mist of solution onto the floor in front of the mop frame. The user decides how wet or dry they want the floor by the number of sprays. It is well suited for cleaning tricky areas like stair- cases or high traffic areas where using a bucket can be both difficult and hazardous. The lack of a bucket also results in cost

savings, as well as a reduction in the stor- age space required. A free dosing jug is supplied, which allows for precise meas- urements, leading to reduced wastage of cleaning solution too. Vileda Professional knows that all areas

often frequented by the public, such as re- tail spaces, not only are subject to in- creased spillages and dirt but also need to be kept clean and safe for public access. And SprayPro is perfect for discreetly cleaning up.

waste streams Leafield Environmental has designed and custom-built a new anti-microbial, pedal operated recycling unit which complies with the strict cleanliness and infection control regulations of the health industry. The new bin, which was designed in as-

‘Anti-microbial' Envirobin for three

sociation with FMprovider MITIE, ismade with a built-in anti-microbial additive, which provides an effective barrier against the growth of bacteria, moulds and fungi to minimise the spread of infection. The bin can collect up to three different

waste streams such as landfill waste, mixed recyclables and food or clinical waste in a compact 90-litre unit. The cen- tral lid is operated by a foot pedal which means users never need to touch the bin with their hands when depositing waste. Wheels make it easy to transfer to central collection points for emptying. The tilting mechanism at the back of the unit pulls down to simplify the removal and replace- ment of bags and is easily dismantled for deep cleaning. The 'Anti-microbial' Envirobin is currently

being rolled out across the NHSGrampian and the NHSLothian estates, achieving

All the HI+I ingredients & formulations you need - under one roof

 Meet market leading ingredients suppliers

 Take advantage of the free supplier presentation programme

 Solve your technical challenges  Enhance you competitive edge in the HI+I market

 Authoritive BACS conference covering every aspect of developing and formulating HI+I cleaning products

total customer satisfaction with the NHS staff, the patients and the cleaning team. Leafield'smanaging director, Phil Mad-

Conference Organised by:

dox, said: "The health industry has strug- gled to get recycling programmes off the ground in the past because of the lack of suitable products available. Leafield's de- sign teamstepped up to the build the Anti-Microbial Envirobin that is ideal for their client's needs. The new bin is also attracting attention as a popular recy- cling choice for other sectors concerned about maintaining high levels of cleanli- ness, such as food production and catering industries.We are constantly evolving our product portfolio tomeet the changing needs of our customers." The new unit is also available without the

anti-microbial additive and forms part of Leafield's growing Envirobin brand of styl- ish and multi-functional recycling units de- signed and manufactured in-house.

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