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 Golden Service Awards 2013 Golden Service Awards 2013

CleaningOperative of the Year

Skill, hard work and going that little bit fur- ther has earned JoannaWajda the acco- lade of Cleaning Operative of the Year. Hard work, flexibility and an ability to

formpart of an effective teamare vital for a good cleaner. Doing that in an environment where the highest standardsmust go hand in hand with an unfailingly positive attitude are what havemade JoannaWajda of Der- rycourt Cleaning Company - who works at the LauraLynn Children’s Hospice in Dublin - the judges choice to receive the Kimberly- Clark Professional Cleaning Operative of the Year award, in the 2013 Golden Service Awards. “Joanna really is a wonderful example of

the sort of highly-talented, highly-moti- vated person we need in an industry where doing the best work so often comes down to the ability and teamwork of individuals,” said Rob Lowe,marketingmanager UK & Ireland, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “She does a fantastic job and sets a great exam- ple for the industry to follow.” The awards are organised by Kimberly-

16 l C&M l DECEMBER 2013 l

Golden girl: JoannaWajda receives the Cleaning Operative of the Year award at this year’s Golden Service Awards ceremony. Here she is picturedwith two of her colleagues fromDerrycourt Cleaning Company, BBC news presenter Kate Silverton, and Kimberly-Clark Professional’s Stephen Kerr.

Clark Professional in partnership with the Cleaning & Support Services Association (CSSA). “Joanna has consistently done a fantastic

job,” said Ann O’Hanlon, Derrycourt’sman- aging director. “She’s worked on site at LauraLynn since the start of the contract.” LauraLynn House, Ireland's first Chil-

dren's Hospice, was officially opened in September 2011 by the president of Ireland, MaryMcAleese. The Hospice supports chil- dren with life limiting conditions and their families by providing high quality transi- tional care, home support, respite, crisis and end-of-life care. Its services are avail- able to children with highmedical and nursing needs frombirth to 18. According to the Hospice’s annual report, in 2012 LauraLynn cared for over 160 children and their families. In addition to her regular cleaning work,

Joanna also performs duties that would normally fall under the remit of a supervi- sor. These include things like looking after the day to day ordering of stock and con-

sumables for the site, looking after client related stock - such as gloves, wipes, items for the long stay children on site, as well as sourcing of nappies etc. She is in charge of submitting all timesheets for staff on site and is also in charge of rosters as per re- quests fromthe client and staff absences, planned or unplanned. “Joanna functions as themain point of

contact for the client on site, updating the areamanager as required on any issues highlighted,” said Ann O’Hanlon. “She en- sures all her colleagues duties are signed off and all areas locked off as required. She’s also done a fantastic job ofmentoring new staff on site, utilising her own training experience.” Furthermore, she assists the nurses on

site with any requests including themove- ment of equipment and beds as required so that nurses can attend to the needs of the patients. “Joanna has a very flexible approach to

her work and has changed days off to suit other’s holiday requests and has even can-

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