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You spent 15 seasons getting ready to play football on Sundays. Did you have any nerves bowling

competitively for the fi rst time in an event like the Open Championships? Not at all. What did get me was that there isn’t much time to practice, and I bowled terrible during the practice session. I found myself really having to focus and dial in quick. There was no time to be nervous. The people around me didn’t bother me at all. Once the game starts you have to be dialed in. It took me a few frames, but once I got comfortable I ran off four straight strikes.

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Your participation in Reno drew at- tention, not all positive. How did that sit with you? I think a lot of people are taking my

participation in the Open Championships the wrong way, saying I’m a semi pro bowler now and things like that. Anyone who bowls can register for the Open Championships. That doesn’t make them semi pro bowlers.

Fast Learner: With just a few lessons, Owens (left) showed solid form in Reno and topped 1,500 for his All-Events score.

BJI INTERVIEW WITH TERRELL OWENS But for the sport of bowling it’s good.

It’s getting a lot of positive attention. Of course, there’s going to be some negative stuff about me…going from football to bowling, and whatnot. It’s good press overall for bowling. It’s in line with why the PBA reached out to us in the fi rst place…to help promote bowling. And if there is something else I can do to further promote bowling, I’m all for it. For me it’s a hobby that I happen to be decent at.

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What’s the biggest challenge to your improving as a bowler? The biggest challenge to me is consistency, consistency in my

delivery and making spares. You see the value of spare shooting at a tough event like the Open Championships. I spent most of my practice time trying to consistently get my ball to the pocket and knocking down a lot of pins. I’m trying to get a high percentage of strike balls. I need to learn how the lanes break down over time, and how to better understand things like break points. I’m learning a lot. With the knowledge I have now, I’m already a much better bowler than I was two weeks ago at the Open. In football, you make your adjustments at halftime. There’s no halftime in bowling, so you’re making adjustments on the fl y. That’s what makes the top bowlers so great. They’re adjusting on almost every shot.

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May 2013

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