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Bowlers Journal Timeline TIMELINE

BY J.R. SCHMIDT { } 1950

End of the ‘white man’ rule.

Since 1916, the American

Bowling Congress had defi ned its membership as “white male.” After years of lobbying by concerned activists — and the threat of lawsuits — the annual convention votes to drop racial restrictions.

1951 1


automatic pinsetter becomes a reality.

The bowling business had always been labor-in-

tensive, with someone needed to set up the pins after they’d been knocked over. During the 1930s, Gottfried Schmidt had developed a working model of a pinsetting machine. Now, AMF makes the fi rst commercial installation of a “no pinboy pinspotter” at the Bowl-O-

Drome in Mount Clemens, Mich. The new invention will change bowling forever.


THE 1950s 1951

The foul light is

approved. In a year of technological

advancement, ABC green-lights J.B. Coker’s automatic foul

detector. First the pinboy goes, now the foul judge... what next?

1951 2

ABC stages the fi rst Masters.

Fifty years after its fi rst national tournament,

ABC holds a match-game event on the tournament lanes in St. Paul, Minn., won by Lee Jouglard. The fi eld is mostly local bowlers, and is part of a one-shot promotion called the ABC Clinic and Exhibitions. But the match-game competition proves popular, and the next year the event is offi cially renamed the ABC Masters.

1952 3

Don Carter emerges.

The televised fi nal of the All-Star Tournament is a

match between two-time cham- pion Junie McMahon and a new- comer with a strange push-ball style named Don Carter. When Carter wins, the press calls it an “upset victory.” But it’s only the beginning of what the game’s historians will call the “Don Carter Decade.”

1952 The FIQ is founded.

Seeking to revive international bowling after World War II, Finnish businessman Kauko Ahlstrom calls a meeting of interested parties in Hamburg, West Germany. Representatives from nine countries show up, organizing the Federation Inter- nationale des Quilleurs. Within a few years, the FIQ is staging successful tournaments and the ABC votes to join.

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