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Bowlers Journal Timeline TIMELINE

BY J.R. SCHMIDT { } 1946

Junior bowling goes

national. 4

Various cities had started youth bowling programs

in the 1930s. The most successful was Chicago’s, run by a school teacher, Milt Raymer. With the war over and backing from the National Bowling Council, Raymer fi nally achieves his dream of going national. His new organization is soon named the American Junior Bowling Con- gress. (Raymer is shown below teaching one of his classes.)


The fi rst TV bowling program.

In New York City, bowling makes its debut on the new wonder invention of the age — tele- vision. The half-hour telecast reaches only 50 miles, and home viewers have to watch the black-and-white action on screens the size of a modern laptop. But the future has arrived.


THE 1940s 1947

Scandal at ‘The BJ’


The fi rst Bowlers Journal Singles Tournament is fi nishing up in Los Angeles, when Mort Luby Sr. is alerted to suspicions about some of the names on the prize list. He begins investigating, and Tournament Director Max Stein confesses to posting bogus scores. Luby publishes a lengthy exposé of the scandal, and later receives an award of merit from the bowling writers for his selfl ess actions.

1948 5

The fi ngertip grip debuts.

With the two-hole grip going out of style, bowlers

experiment with various three- hole arrangements named for their inventors: Sully Bates, Ned Day, Chuck Collier, Sarge Easter and so on. The drilling devel- oped by Connie Schwoegler is the one that lasts. Today, it’s simply called the “fi ngertip grip.” (Illustration: one early variation of the fi ngertip grip.)

1949 6

Emergence of a star: Marion Ladewig.

The All-Star Tourna- ment starts a Women’s

Division, and the runaway winner is Marion Ladewig. She will dominate women’s bowling for the next 15 years, and cement her position as the greatest female bowler of the 20th Century.

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