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Feature Instruction CHALLENGING CONDITIONS 2013 USBC HOW TO UP YOUR GAME Open Championships

While each year’s event presents its unique complexities, that seems particularly true in 2013. For the fi rst time in the event’s history, one lane pattern is being used for the team event while another is being laid down in the doubles and singles events. Here is Janawicz’s insight on the experience he had competing in these unique circumstances at the 2013 USBC Open Championships.

/////////////////////////////////// Doubles/singles pattern

“I kind of knew that the doubles and singles pattern would be a little fl atter,” Janawicz says. “We tried playing just a little bit farther right, but I am still not sure to this day if maybe we did not have the right equipment, maybe we did not move far enough right, or maybe it was just a bad pair. But the ball reaction just wasn’t very good the fi rst couple of frames, so we just ended up kind of collectively bailing out and moving in. It was good for me, but a couple of team- mates had a really hard time.

“That’s just how it goes at the Open Championships. Some years you’re going to get some good pairs, and some years things are not going to work out quite as well. It’s a nine-game sprint and you just have to do the best you can.”

event pattern “I think team event is a little more straightforward than previous years,” Janawicz says. “They lanes are defi nitely not quite as diffi cult as they were last year. If you get your lines right and you’re a little bit straighter through the front part of the lane, I think you might already see a pinch of hold compared to years past. This year’s team event reminded me a lit- tle more of a couple years ago in Reno.”


From house bowler to Sport bowler:

As a Team USA veteran with many accolades on his bowling resume, Janawicz competes at a level to which most bowlers only can aspire. For those house bowlers who wish to turn that aspiration into reality, Janawicz has some advice.

Spare Shooting

The fi rst thing you probably will notice when you fi rst try your hand at Sport bowling is that you are not striking nearly as much as you

do on your house-shot league. That means you will be shooting at a lot more spares, and that is where Janawicz’s recipe for Sport bowling success begins. “Spare shooting is a big thing,”

Janawicz says. “A good spare game — and I am talking about all spares, from single pins to buckets and washouts — is the foundation of your game. If you’re missing a lot of spares, that’s going to play on your mind, because you’re dealing with sport conditions and fl atter conditions. You just are not going to strike as much. You are not going to throw eight-baggers every game like you can in league, so you’re going to be exposed to more spare-shooting. You have to be confi - dent in your spare-shooting ability.”

Change the way you see the lane

House-shot conditions tend to allow for bowlers to settle into a comfort zone and restrict themselves to a particular kind of ball reaction. In the competitive minefi eld that Sport bowling presents, however, you have to expect that transition will require

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May 2013


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