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you to play parts of the lane you never have to use in your house-shot league. “You need to start seeing the lane

from diff erent angles,” Janawicz advises. “If you’re used to hooking the ball a lot, you have to be a lot more comfortable throwing it straighter and maybe taking some hand out of the ball. If you play pretty straight and you feel comfortable going up the lane, you need to become comfortable playing deeper inside, and getting your hand around the ball more to create a diff erent entry angle.”

your expectations Adjust

The lofty expectations that accompany most house-shot league averages usu- ally do not apply in the Sport bowling environment. As Janawicz explains, it is best to leave those expectations at the door before you take a shot at Sport conditions. “One of the main things is thinking

you’re going to be able to shoot 230 right out of the box,” Janawicz cautions. “Sometimes the conditions are just brutal, especially if you get some bad lane surfaces. You have to have the mentality that sometimes 190 or 180

In Great Form: Team USA member John Janawicz has enjoyed incredible success bowling a variety of patterns around the world and at the annual USBC Open Champi- onships. His easy, fl uid style allows him to adjust to various challenges on the lanes.

is actually a pretty good game. I see this a lot at Junior Gold, where they’re looking for that 230 or 240 ball reaction and it’s just not out there. And because they’re trying to switch balls and trying to do so many diff erent things instead of just staying up the back of it and keeping it in play, they end up shoot- ing 130 or 140 and get themselves in a hole they just can’t get out of. Be aware of the scoring pace.”

a fl atter shape Look for

The skid/fl ip ball reaction most house bowlers are used to seeing in league becomes problematic or, at times, impossible on Sport patterns. “Generally you have to look for a

much fl atter shape,” Janawicz says of the shape of the ball’s trajectory down the lane on Sport patterns.

“A lot of times on house conditions, you’re used to balls that go long and then fl ip. That’s OK on house conditions when you’ve got three boards on both sides down the lane and you can still hit the pocket. You can get away with those shapes. But when they’re much fl atter down the lane you need control. You can’t have that whipping action off the back part of the lane and be successful.”

different equipment You can try

Many league bowlers enjoy using the most aggressive equipment currently available for their house- shot leagues. But as Janawicz explains, you may need to revisit that preference if you are going to succeed in the Sport bowling environment. “A lot of times, the equipment

that works for you on house conditions usually doesn’t work very well on Sport conditions,” Janawicz says. “You need more control. You need tamer coverstocks — not necessarily weaker, but covers that just don’t respond as strong to the dry.”

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