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Oil Pattern Distance: Forward Oil Total:

39 Feet 18.65 mL Forward Boards Crossed: 373 Boards

Reverse Brush Drop: Reverse Oil Total:

cause I had a few diff erent pairs of shoes — this was before interchangeable soles — and I had a miserable time just trying to stand up,” Janawicz recalls. “The ap- proaches were very slippery, and I end- ed up with 64 in the sixth. I was trying to communicate with my teammates, trying to take some smaller steps, some things we were trying to do with my shoes just to try to help me stand up. “It took me a little while, but I end- ed up striking out for 180 that game. But, yes, that learning curve started from year one. Now, that year ended up pretty well — I shot 1,960 for all-events, and the next year I had a very good year. I think I fi nished 15th for all-events. The next year in Tulsa I shot 1,646. So if you bowl enough of them, you’re going to have some bad years. And you’re going to have to accept that.”

Forward Oil Reverse Oil Sharpen Your Skills

One sure way to make that learning curve more painful than it needs to be is to go into the event without hav- ing sharpened key skills. According to Janawicz, that begins with spare shoot- ing and developing your ability to play straight up the lane.

“A couple things are key here,”

Janawicz explains. “One is making sure your spare game is pretty sharp, be- cause the conditions are going to be more diffi cult than any house condition, by far. So when you start missing spares

LEARN FROM THE PROS 2013 USBC Open Championships - D/S

30 FeetOil Pattern Distance: 5.75 mL

Forward Oil Total: Reverse Boards Crossed: 115 Boards Conditioner:

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Forward Reverse Combined Buff

Conditioner: ICE TransferType:

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Forward Reverse Combined Buff

Striking Oil: Knowing the oil patterns in advance can go a long way to helping you prepare for major competitions, like the USBC Open Championships. Click on the pat- terns above to learn more about the 2013 Open Championships patterns.

Forward Oil Reverse Oil

and then all of a sudden you start press- ing to try to strike more, your swing gets tighter and the downward spiral begins.

“But the other thing is making sure you can go straight up the lane. These are Sport-compliant patterns. There is not going to be a lot of area. So you defi nitely will do better going straight- er and trying to keep the ball in play to start out with. And then, hopefully, the lanes will open up a bit if your team-

mates cooperate correctly. You’ll have a little bit more room to miss, and your swing will be a bit looser.”


So you have put in the preparation, sharpened your spare game, stepped out of your house-shot comfort zone by working on playing straight up the lane, and found teammates with whom you can communicate well. Now it is time to


relax. As Janawicz says, it is, after all, just bowling.

“Really, just go out and bowl,”

Janawicz says. “I mean, it is just you and the lane. That’s all it is. When you go to the National Bowling Stadium or the convention centers, the ceilings are a lot higher and the environment is a lot diff erent. Still, you have to realize, it’s just bowling. It’s a puzzle you have to fi gure out, but at some point you just have to turn your brain off and bowl.”

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////// 2828

May 2013 2013 USBC Open Championships-Team Forward Boards Crossed: 427 Boards

TOUCH FOR MORE Total Boards Crossed:

Oil Per Board:41 Feet Volume Oil Total:21.35 mL

50 uLReverse Brush Drop: 24.4 mL

Reverse Oil Total:

33 Feet 4.7 mL

488 BoardsReverse Boards Crossed: 94 Boards Oil Per Board:

TOUCH FOR MORE Total Boards Crossed:

Volume Oil Total: 50 uL 26.05 mL 521 Boards //////////////////////////////////

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