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You trained a bit with Mark Baker, who

coaches many of the top bowlers. How did that come about, and

what did you learn that you didn’t know before? I like to follow the PBA, and [PBA Commissioner] Tom Clark and I had been following each other on Twitter and he DM’d me about Chris Paul’s celebrity event. I got to meet a lot of the bowlers, and met Mark Baker too. He was watching from the stands. He and a few guys commented that I had pretty good form and a good stroke. Tom told me Mark could help me improve my game and off ered to get us together. I’m competitive, so I jumped at the chance. I didn’t have any grand plan, but personally I just wanted to become a better bowler. Getting to watch the professional bowlers up close like that, I realized there were defi ciencies in my game and it made me want to learn more. We had a few sessions here in Southern California at Canoga Bowl. I took a few lessons and he videotaped me bowling. We got to look at my game pretty closely. He corrected some things with my stance and delivery, and got me to better understand where to look and deliver the ball. Those are things I really didn’t know. I just bowled off of feel.


“YOU CAN SEE WHERE GUYS WHO BOWL 200 AT HOME WOULD BE LUCKY TO BOWL 150 AT THE OPEN IF THEY’RE NOT PREPARED.” / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Under the Microscope: Owens’ trip to Reno was closely watched by many, including those on BowlTV, who got to view the former football star’s team match live.

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You seem to relish your role as a team owner in the PBA League. What’s that been like? It’s been a lot of

fun. My Dallas Strikers made it to the semifi nals. I went to Detroit for the launch of the league, then to Indianapolis for the fi nals. My team, the Dallas Stars, lost in the semifi nals, but it was fun. I like it. I like what they’ve done with the team format and using celebrity owners to help promote bowling. If I’m going to be involved with something, I’m all in. I take it seriously and have a strong interest in it.

And I learned a lot hanging with those guys and watching them, studying their styles and watching what they were doing on the lanes. I’m a visual person. I listen and watch. Getting more involved really gave me the bug. They’ve all been very encouraging, and that pumps me up. I just want to be able to compete.

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How would you assess your per- formance in Reno? I felt like I did OK. If I do it again I think I’ll do better. The conditions

were really tough. I Instead of bowling out- side-in, which is what I usually do, I found that I had to bowl a little straighter up the middle, because the ball wasn’t going to react as well at the back end. Certainly the conditions are much more diffi cult than a house shot. You can see where guys who bowl 200 at home would be lucky to bowl 150 at the Open if they’re not prepared. I had a few balls drilled based on the Open Championships oil pattern. That was a learning experience, knowing that your ball would be drilled diff erently based on the pattern. First game I rolled okay. In the second

game Tom and JT [Jason Thomas] were making adjustments, like where they were lining up, and then they switched balls. I was just following them, so I switched balls too. Looking back, I shouldn’t have switched balls. I had a terrible game and then went back to my original ball for the third game and bowled much better. I learned something there.

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May 2013

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