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“In the console space it was hard for some of the big publishers to get their brains around it until they saw the PC successes.” MCV investigates: can free-to-play games work on consoles? p24

Halo launch to conquer the UK

Xbox splashes out on biggest outdoor marketing spend to date as Master Chief returns  Thames stunt and IMAX takeover planned  350 midnight openings expected nationwide

by James Batchelor

IT WILL impossible to escape the launch of Halo 4 next week as the Xbox team prepares its most ambitious campaign to date. Master Chief’s latest adventure – released next Tuesday (November 6th) – will be supported by the biggest out of house budget Xbox UK has ever spent on a game, the platform holder told MCV. Halo 4will take over the London IMAX – just as Halo 3 did – with more stand-out ads in London Underground stations and major shopping centres. There will also be billboards around the UK. Microsoft is planning a

‘spectacular stunt’ for launch night (November 5th), which will take place

MCV quiz returns on December 4th

THE MCV/XBOX 360 Quiz will return for Christmas on December 4th.

The industry is invited to Holborn’s Sway bar, where they will be tested with a night of devious brain-teasers. There will be thousands of

pounds’ worth of prizes up for grabs, both in the overall quiz and each round’s spot prize question.

The quiz is free to enter for retailers and the media. Round sponsors already on- board includes NCsoft, Gem and Turner Media. To book your place or find out more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Hannah.Short@

6 November 2nd 2012

‘We’ll put an end to boring racers’

by Christopher Dring

THIS WEEK’S Need for Speed will challenge the ‘boring’ conventions of the genre, says Criterion. The Brighton-based team

behind Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Burnout– says it has been given free reign to take risks with NFS: Most Wanted, which hits shelves today (November 2nd). “We want to challenge the convention of a racer,” producer Matt Webster told MCV. “Why can’t consumers drive any car they want from the start? The answer is because 20 years of convention says we can’t.

“We want to shake up racing games. It’s boring. I am tired of driving around the same tracks, or grinding for hours to get the top cars. “Need for Speed is quite a broad church, with lots of different games. For a game that has been around that long, if each version was largely the same, it would not have survived. The reason it has survived is that it has had variety, and it is contemporary and of the moment.

“No-one is telling us what we can or can’t do. It is us being aware of its history and trying to chart a new path for it, so Need For

We want to shake up racing games. I’m tired of driving around the same tracks, or grinding for hours to get the top cars.

Matt Webster, Criterion

Speedcan reach a new generation of players. “We are our own harshest critics. And there’s a healthy paranoia in our building to be the best that we can be. When we first showed Most Wanted to EA, they said ‘look, shake it up. Don’t be afraid to take the risks that you want just because you have a picture in your head of what you think a big organisation wants from this game’. “And that is liberating.” EA: 01483 463000

Microsoft is planning a ‘spectacular

stunt’ for Halo 4’s launch night.

Forward Unto Dawn (left) will excite fans, while an IMAX takeover will target the masses

along the Thames between The O2 Stadium and Tower Bridge. This will kick off 350 midnight openings, headlined by GAME’s Westfield Stratford store. And that’s on top of a month-long cinema push with trailers running before Skyfall, and partnerships with Mountain Dew and Pizza Hut. TV advertising began earlier this week, with spots running around Premiership football matches, movies, The X Factorand more . Throughout the summer, Microsoft has been driving pre-orders with online and print ads, as well as retail promotions and POS. It has also produced a live-action web series, Forward Unto Dawn, to serve as a prequel to Halo 4. Microsoft: 0870 601 0100

Air Conflicts launch plans take flight by James Batchelor

PUBLISHER PQube has teamed up with German developer bitComposer to bring Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriersto the UK.

The 360, PS3 and PC title is set during World War II and arrives on December 7th. Demos are available via PSN and Xbox Live, and PQube is keen to drive early interest at retail. “We’ve only recently started pushing pre-orders,” said senior product manager Martine Saunders. “We expect numbers to pick up considerably and build to a satisfying level for us over the next few weeks.” Air Conflictswill be

marketed through a mix of print ads and social media. PQube: 01462 487373


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