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Producer – Games Division, Future Publishing

JARVIS began his games career in 2006. He was a vital part of the team behind Future and Sony’s collaborative project FirstPlay, known today as PlayStation Access. He now produces content for Future’s games publications, including OPM, Edge, CVG, PSM3, Xbox World, and the Golden Joystick awards. Since he took over CVG’s YouTube channel a year ago, views have rocketed to more than 25m.


Video Producer, GameSpot

IN HIS first year as part of the GameSpotteam, O’Dwyer has produced some of the site’s most popular videos, such as his series Escape From Mount Stupid, which has been viewed nearly 1.4m times on YouTube. Prior to joining GameSpot, Danny was an active member of the site’s community, giving him a strong understanding of what readers want. His colleagues say his work “has injected a new feel to GameSpot”.

ARJUN SHAH Age: 24 Marketing Administration Manager, Codemasters

SHAH joined Codemasters’ brand team in 2010 after graduating from Aston University. His ‘can do’ attitude to problem-solving has made him the team’s Mr Fix-It for the F1titles. He keeps the team ticking by keeping an eye on everything from admin to event logistics. He’s also a valued member of Codemasters’ reportedly loud and shouty lunchtime FIFAclub.

GARY CLAY Age: 29 European Brand Director, Trion Worlds

OVER the last year, Clay has been involved in several major product launches. Formerly third party marketing manager for Microsoft, he helped establish Modern Warfare 3and COD Elite on Xbox 360. He moved to Trion Worlds in March, where he has taken on action MMO and TV crossover title Defianceand is working on the ambitious title’s planned April launch.


Senior Account Manager, Lunch PR

HAVING worked stints at BHPR, Kazoo and in the music industry, Watson already had an impressive amount of PR experience before she joined the team at Lunch in 2011. Since then, she has contributed significantly to the amount of coverage and business Lunch has received, primarily managing accounts tied to The Pokémon Company. Peers describe her commitment to the job as “second to none”.


Business Manager, Gem Distribution


Sales Account Manager, Meroncourt

REDDEN is responsible for looking after some of Meroncourt’s key accounts, as well as developing new business across all of its product ranges. She keeps customers fully up-to-date with the vendor’s new brands and special offers, inviting them to try out Meroncourt products at trade shows and events. Redden is described as “one of the nicest sales people in the industry”.


Sales Business Analyst, Ubisoft

GRUBBY, as he is known affectionately at Ubisoft, is described as “a guru of the sales analyst world”. He provides sales and market trend forecasting, and retail sell-in and final sales tracking. Grubb’s opinion is highly regarded within not just the UK office but at EMEA, and he is a key component to the firm’s important business decisions. And he really likes spreadsheets. Specifically colourful ones with lots of graphs and charts.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS Tully Ackland (EA), Laurie Blake (ITN), Kelsey Christou (Premier PR), Dave Cook (VG247), James Dyer (Sega), Kirsty Endfield (Indigo Pearl), Charley Grafton-Chuck (Johnny Atom Productions), Matt Kamen (freelance journalist), Ed Lee (HMV), Rupert Loman (Eurogamer), Sarah Lynch (GameSpot), Rebecca May (Ask Men), Luke Mears (SCEE), Craig Mills (GAME), Nick Morey (Indigo Pearl), Carly Nair (505 Games), Samuel Roberts (Imagine), Ed Rowlands (Target Media), Chin Sun Soon (Tecmo Koei), Andy Spenceley (, Ravi Vijh (Bastion), Joseph Walsh (Namco Bandai)

JOINING Gem’s business management team just three months ago, Smith hit the ground running and has already established solid relationships with two of the distributor’s biggest gaming clients: THQ and Codemasters. Colleagues champion his attention to detail and commitment to driving those two brands within Gem’s businesses.

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