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Rail Classics of Yesteryear - Three Volumes

Vol. l -BN Legacy - slides from all the former railroads that made- up the Burlington Northern - CBQ, NP, GN, Frisco and SP&S. 1 hour, 10 minutes Freight and passenger action. Narrated.

Vols. II and III

Hundreds of Color sides of all the old fallen flags - NYC, PRR, Erie, E-L, Wabash, L&N, Milwaukee, Rock Island, Santa Fe, Nickel Plate, CNW, GTW, Soo, New Haven, EJ&E, C&EI, Mopac, DRGW, GM&0, IC, UP, Monon, PC, C&O, B&0, and many more. Freight & passenger. Narrated.

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TAKE A TRIP INTO YESTERYEAR and ride on classic pre Amtrak domeliners and streamliners with these classic videos. See Vista Dome, EMD, FP, and E units, Alco PA and Fairbanks

Morse passenger units. Experience the accommodations and trips on these great trains of the 50’s and 60’s. SPECIAL PRICE on Programs Below: $7.00 EACH OR 2 FOR $13.00 Some Programs are available on VHS only - Check our website for DVD availability.

BIG TRAINS ROLLING -This after WWII movie is full of run bys and photos of dozens of fallen flag railroads and their freight and passenger trains. You name it, Rock Island, KCS, New Haven, UP, WP, NYC, PRR, Southern, GN, Burlington, Milwaukee, Erie, and many more. Produced by the Association of American Railroads.

cific rail lines, scenic Rocky Mountain and California mountain passes. Many great roll bys and on board shots of all three railroads. Scenes in the diner, domes, and sleeping cars.

Empire on Parade - A story ofthe Great Northern Railroad and the new, streamlined, vista domed Em- pire Builder.

Once Upon the Wabash - Another honeymooning couple gets magically swooshed out of their 1940’5 convertible as the Wabash “Bluebird’ rolls by them going down the highway. They find themselves in the dining car ofthe famous Chicago to St. Louis domeliner. A great tour of the train and many other Wabash freight and passenger trains.

Pacific Northwest Holiday - Join Milwaukee Road travel agent Smith as he guides a honeymooning couple on a trip to the Pacific Northwest aboard the Milwaukee Road’s famous superdomed Olympian Hiawatha.

The Super Chief - Pride of the Santa Fe fleet, great meals in the private “Turquoise” dining room and the views from Pullman and “pleasure dome” accommodations. Fastest train between Chicago and Los Angeles for an under 40 hour trip in the early 1950’5.

The Mainline - An early 1950’s movie (22 minutes) showing roll-bys of NYC, GN, WM, PPP, New Haven and many other freight and passenger trains of the era, including GM “Aerotrain” in PRR livery.

Western Pacific Success Story - This early 1950’s black and white video is from a TV show spon- sored by an oil company. Shots of servicing the CA Zephyr and its power, shots of the WP freight op- eration, an interview with WP’s then President, Myron Cristies. approx. 27 min.

Within The Oval /Lifeline of a Nation -This after WWII I color production by the NYC is an insiders look at improvement to services as part of after war spending. Employment opportunities and what those jobs/positions did for the war effort. Approx. 21 minutes. On the same video another classic pro- duction by the Association of American RRs called Life Line of A Nation - chronicling the massive ef- fort made by the railroads of America for the War effort. Approx, 20 minutes.

Empire Builder - James Hill was the name and the Great Northern Railroad was his game. This 42 minute movie produced in color in the 1950’s is a chronicle of he built the GNR west from St. Paul throught the Pacific Northwest.

Fleet of Modernism - A great fleet of overnight trains in Pennsylvania Railroad’s East-West service? No. There’s something new — Electric power - all the way. Be- tween NY and Harrisburg, streamlined electric locos, drawing their energy from an overhead wire system. Step aboard.

The Great Alaska Railroad Travel Adventure Compiled and authored by: John W. Gohmann


Built by the US Government in the Early 1900’s, the Alaska Railroad Is now owned by the State and is vital to tourism and business. With about 100 pages, including mostly color photos and plates of AAR freight and passenger/tourist Trains, historical photos, and scenic photos from beginning to end of passenger

service at Fairbanks. History of the railroad and current day operations. $11.00 plus shipping and handling

Railroads are Vital for the American Economy and American Jobs!

This sixteen-minute video chronicles the significance of the railroad industry and its impact on the everyday lives of Americans and businesses. The video also explains the challenges railroads face to continue being the most energy and cost efficient mode of surface transportation, along with the importance to continue fair public policy. Sponsored by: Canadian National, Effingham Railway, Minnesota Commercial Railway, and Small Railroad Business Owners of America

$3.50 each plus shipping and handling

The California Zephyr - This masterfully done travelogue takes you from Chicago to San Francisco, over the Burlington, Rio Grande, and Western Pa-


General Motors Train of Tomorrow

After World War II, GM promoted its passenger locomotives by introducing this domed streamliner, which toured the USA, and published the great col- or book of about 12 pages to promote new modern streamlined, domed train travel. Artists renditions of each of car (each individually named) showing coach, sleeping, dining and lounge accomodations, and, mechan- ical features of the entire train are shown. Color Reproduction -11 x 14 inches, apx 12 pages

$6.95 plus shipping and handling Burlington’s All New Denver Zephyr

In the mid 1950’s, the Burlington invested in an all new, multi-vista domed Denver Zephyr to compete in the overnight Chicago -Denver market. This book, published by the “Q”, details in approximately 12 pages, all color, actu- al photos and drawings of all the dining, lounge, coach and sleeping accomo- dations of the new “DZ”. The train proved profitable for the railroad for many years despite competition from the UP and Rock Island Railroads, and, last- ed until the advent of Amtrak in May of 1971. Color Reproduction 8.5 x 11 inches, apx 12 pages

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LOCOMOTIVE PLANS Originally published by the Santa Fe in 1949 and 1953, this apx. 11x 16 book contains photos and schematics of the railroads freight and passen- ger fleet of the era, including the famous war bonnet PA’s, F’s, E5, and cars of the great Chief fleet. Plus, diesel freight locomotives and cars of the same great era. Apx. 40 pages, B&W, spiral bound.

$22.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling*


Locomotive, Baldwin-Lima Hamilton, Fairbanks Morse, and ads from over sixty railroadsand fallen flags, such as the Erie, Lackawanna, Wabash, Pennsylvania, New York Central, Soo Line, M&STL, Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, Rock Island, Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Burlington, Chicago and North Western, Rio Grande, Wabash, C&EI, L&N, Norfolk and Western and many more. And, ads promoting the freight and passenger trains of the Union Pacific, Canadian Pacif- ic, Canadian National, and Kansas City Southern - the survivor roads, as well... and, the Association of American Railroads and New England Railroads!

Some of the best advertising agencies of the time were retained to produced inviting ads for passen- ger trains, freight service and locomotives and equipment of the GREAT ERA. See color schemes and interior and exterior pictures and renderings of many trains of yesteryear which provided the mainstay of transportation during this era.

We divided these into two separate volumes: Volume I - ALL COLOR, and Volume II - Black and White. The all color book is natrually more expensive, but, the multi color ads of the era are worth it. Each volume is perfectly bound with a heavy cover.

Volume I - ALL Color - Approximately 366 pages or impressions: $77.00 - plus shipping and handling of $4.00* Volume II - Black & White Approximately 765 pages or impressions: $36.00 - plus shipping and handling of $5.00* Order both for $102 plus $7.00 shipping and handling* *Normal UPS or US Mail ground service - Faster air or ground service is additional.

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ALL ABOARD FOR CHRISTMAS Stories of the olden days of railroading about Christmastime traditions & experiences on the railroads. $10.00 plus S&H

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OLD RAIL CALENDARS Fogg, Ted Rose, Magnificent Trains, Trains, PRR, Santa Fe and more. Great Color prints for framing. $1.50 each plus shipping

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- Nearly 1100 Pages! In an effort that has taken several years and several hundred hours, we have assembled the most comprehensive collection ever of mag- azine, journal and newspaper ads placed by the railroads from the 1920’s to the late 1960’s - almost 1100 of them. You’ll see ads for fa- mous passenger trains of the era, freight service, and ads of locomo- tive and carbuilders like ACF, Pullman, General Motors, American

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