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Awards 2012 Special: The finalists Domestic Appliances Whirlpool SPECIAL PRIZE

As a special thank you for completing the Independent Business Awards voting form the names of all who voted are entered into a special prize draw. Winners will receive one product from the selection offered by the Awards sponsors, including a Q2 Wi-Fi radio from Armour Electronics.

Whirlpool washing machine WWCR 9230 The Whirlpool WWCR 9230 washing machine ensures long-lasting colour preservation and unparalleled garment care and cleaning performance at ultra-low temperatures. Patented 6th Sense technology delivers eco-friendly performance automatically by sensing load size, adjusting resources and making savings of up to 50%. Wave Motion technology (unique asymmetrical drum movement) maximises detergent effectiveness when combined with 6th Sense technology. The temperature is reduced to just 15ºC, with the same cleaning performance as a 40ºC programme. This represents a highly energy efficient and guarantees long- lasting colour fidelity and fabric care.

Eco/Energy Saving Award Small Domestic Appliances Bosch

Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser (THD2023GB) The innovative Bosch Filtrino water dispenser delivers BRITA filtered water at boiling point for a perfect cup of tea or coffee at anytime. One advantage of the Bosch Filtrino is that you only boil exactly the right amount of water you require for each serving, thereby saving up to 80% of energy. A variety of cup sizes can be selected and a choice of 5 different temperatures – including ambient – can also be selected for different types of drink. All parts of this model are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning, and the water tank is removable for easy re-filling.


De’Longhi Bean to Cup coffee machines De’Longhi, UK leader in coffee machines, strives to be eco-friendly without compromising on performance or design. Key innovative features have been added to new generation De’Longhi’s Bean to Cup coffee machines, including their new sleek PrimaDonna S DeLuxe. These not only improve functionality but also the amount of energy saved. Each Bean to Cup machine has a ‘Better Than A’ CECED energy rating, the highest that can be achieved. In addition, each of the brand’s premium coffee machines are fitted with zero- energy switches, an automatic standby function and thermoblock boiler technology to ensure energy use is minimised in between making each delicious Italian coffee.

Small Domestic Appliances Panasonic

Panasonic Eco Hikari microwave range These microwaves derive their name from the Japanese word for ‘light’ and feature some really bright ideas. High in efficiency, Panasonic’s new LED light technology provides 157% more brightness than previous models. Panasonic’s Inverter Technology provides reduced power consumption by 97.5%*, whilst delivering a faster more balanced cooking performance. Benefits to customers are far and wide. Cooking time is reduced – for example, the cooking time for a grilled piece of chicken is reduced by over 40%. These lightweight products are designed to fit in small spaces without compromising on cooking performance. These microwaves have proved very successful, recently receiving four coveted Best Buy awards from Which? Magazine.

Best Training Award Consumer Electronics Freesat

Freesat The Retail Support Team

As the independent sector accounts for over 30% of Freesat sales, our commitment to support our independent retail partners has never been stronger or more focused. We recognise the value of regular engagement with our independent retailers and the proven benefits that combining our knowledge brings. This year saw us grow our training fleet by 20% and make further investment in our online training resources, including the Freesat Retail Support Hub. Our strategy of working with retail partners to build consistent, professional and meaningful relationships has been instrumental in driving Freesat’s success, and underpins our next generation plans.


As a special thank you for completing the Independent Business Awards voting form the names of all who voted are entered into a special prize draw. Winners will receive one product from the selection offered by the Awards sponsors, including the Sports DAB radio from Roberts.

Samsung UK

Samsung UK CTV & AV Training Team Samsung’s product training and support is delivered through its seven figure training programme. This training is available to all retail chains, and a bespoke road show is staged for the top 50 independent retailers across the UK. The company has eight regional trainers and they are supported by a field manager and data collector. 167 courses were run at the bespoke training centre in Brentford in 2011. All of the training team use a combination of visual and kinaesthetic learning techniques allowing the delegates to both understand the theory and also put that into practice. As a result of Samsung training in 2011, independent retailers’ API increased from 90 to 124% for June 2011, a month after the training took place.

52 The Independent Electrical Retailer May 2012

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