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Awards 2012 Special: The finalists Eco/Energy Saving Award Domestic Appliances

Beko Beko DW686 dishwasher

The Beko DW686 dishwasher is A++ energy rated and boasts a 10 litre water consumption and ‘whisper-quiet’ 44db operating noise level. As well as a 13 place setting capacity, the DW686 features eight programmes and six wash temperatures, electronic programme selection, folding plate supports in the lower rack to accommodate saucepans or large bowls, height adjustable upper rack and a removable cutlery basket. Customers benefit from being able to fit all of their pots and pans in the dishwasher at once, and set it without risking waking their children or disturbing neighbours. Thanks to the machine’s low energy rating and low water consumption, consumers benefit from reduced energy bills.

Domestic Appliances Maytag

Maytag tumble dryer with A-50% energy rating Maytag’s 9kg capacity tumble dryer boasts energy saving performance with new heat pump technology resulting in best in class A-50% energy class rating. IntelliSense technology delivers temperature and humidity control with perfect drying results, saving energy and time. The large 9kg capacity with a generous 38cm and 140° door opening aids access, helps efficiency, completing the drying session with less loads saving time and energy. Built to the highest standards, Maytag’s sleek and stylish tumble dryer fits with modern lifestyles whilst delayed start allows access to less expensive energy tariffs. Easy to use, intuitive LCD display gives feedback to drying status while operating.

Domestic Appliances Panasonic

Panasonic NA-168VX3 washing machine Highly energy efficient, the NA-168VX3 has a top energy rating of A+++. The model features an Eco/Speed Mode to save energy and water or to save time, and HydroActive+ and Perfect Sense technology for very efficient washing and energy saving. Also featuring a 3D Sensor for intelligent drum analysis for optimal washing performance

Consumer benefits include a large load capacity of 8kg, and the 34 cm large aperture ensures it is easy to load. Thanks to the Inverter brushless motor the machine achieves 53db only for washing and 71dB for spinning. The NA-168VX3 has been well supported by JLP, independents and specialists alike.

Domestic Appliances SPECIAL PRIZE

As a special thank you for completing the Independent Business Awards voting form the names of all who voted are entered into a special prize draw. Winners will receive one product from the selection offered by the Awards sponsors, including the Arch curved glass chimney hood by Elica.


Siemens i-Dos washing machine Siemens’ A-30% energy class-rated iQ700 WM14S890GB includes the company’s first integrated dosing system. The i-Dos works by adding just the right amount of laundry detergent required for each load, fully automatically and to millilitre precision. This not only saves time and detergent, but also reduces water consumption by up to 7,062 litres per year while guaranteeing perfect washing results every single time.


Samsung Ecobubble washing machine Samsung’s Ecobubble (WF1124XAC) is the world’s first energy-saving washing machine to generate bubbles that provide the same wash performance using cold water as standard machines offer at hotter temperatures. When washing at 15 C, Ecobubble machines use up to 70% less energy than standard machines washing at 40 C, while still delivering fantastic cleaning results. A bubble generator injects air when mixing the detergent with the water to create bubbles that are able to penetrate into fabrics faster than in conventional washing machines. Consumers can save approximately £250 in energy costs over ten years, as less heat and drum movement is required to aid the dissolution of the detergent in the water.


As a special thank you for completing the Independent Business Awards voting form the names of all who voted are entered into a special prize draw. Winners will receive one product from the selection offered by the Awards sponsors, including Whirlpool’s MAX35 microwave oven.


Bosch AquaStar Active Water Silver Innox Exxcel Model (SMS65E18GB) freestanding dishwasher

The AquaStar dishwasher range incorporates ActiveWater technology, an intelligent water management system designed to get optimum usage from every drop of water. This is achieved by maximising water efficiency throughout the washing and drying cycles for top performance combined with very low energy and water consumption. The Aquastar range offers a host of innovative features including automatic detergent detection, DosageAssist, a heat exchanger for energy efficient, hygienic drying, a load sensor and an integrated anti flood water protection system.

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