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Awards 2012 Special: The finalists Technical Innovation Award Large Domestic Appliances


AEG MaxiSight TFT induction hob AEG’s MaxiSight is Europe’s very first hob to feature a colour TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display. AEG recognised the potential of a TFT screen that allows advanced, intuitive interaction and control. This improves the way people will interact with this top-of-the-range induction hob. DirekTouch controls further enhance the precise temperature control of induction cooking. With DirekTouch, one selects the power level for each zone with a single touch, and then fine-tunes it with a slider. There is also a bridge function on selected models to control two zones simultaneously with the same accuracy.

Large Domestic Appliances

Three easy ways to vote! All votes must be received by Monday 28th May 2012 POST: IER Awards, Datateam Business Media Ltd 15A London Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8LY 01622 757646

FAX: ONLINE: Large Domestic Appliances Elica Elica Olympus cooker hood

Olympus is the new concept of cooker hood, a ceiling-mounted item that extends down towards the hob, offering lighting and air extraction. Wizard is a conical shaped technopolymer extractor hood. Its distinguishing profile makes it an innovative and appealing design item, concealing its dual function: when set to standby, it is a large lamp, designed to illuminate the surrounding setting perfectly, and when it is turned on, the cooker hob inside it comes to life with a telescopic motion. It is available in four different colours: white, black, silver and orange, and it is operated remotely, with a remote control featuring a similar shape to the hood itself.

Large Domestic Appliances Haier

MyZone refrigeration compartment by Haier MyZone is an innovative new feature from Haier that brings flexible cooling capacity to the 60cm refrigeration market. Already the recipient of a Which? Award, the MyZone compartment in the Haier AFD626 can be set to any temperature between +5°C and -18°C. For busy families MyZone cooling affords a class-leading 97litres of freezing capacity over 5-drawers or can be set to expand chilling capacity to a massive 197 litres. MyZone’s flexibility is further enhanced by its precise temperature control. The MyZone compartment can be set at 0° to keep vegetables crisper, -7° to store fish without impairing the flavour or +2° to keep chilled foods fresher for longer.


As a special thank you for completing the Independent Business Awards voting form the names of all who voted are entered into a special prize draw. Winners will receive one product from the selection offered by the Awards sponsors, including Whirlpool’s MAX35 microwave oven.


Gorenje BO9950AX HomeCHEF built-in oven The HomeCHEF from Gorenje is a revolutionary built-in oven with full-colour touchscreen operation and patented multi-step baking system. The Gorenje HomeCHEF features an integrated glass, full- colour touchscreen with photo realistic and vibrant images, which is controlled by the touch of a finger to scroll through the interactive display. Alongside a large 65 litre capacity and very efficient ‘A-20%’ energy rating, a true highlight of the Gorenje HomeCHEF is its vast selection of pre-loaded menus and cooking functions perfect for use by both novices and experts alike. This patented menu system offers a selection of precisely engineered cooking modes; SIMPLEbake, AUTObake, PRObake, STEPbake and MYbake.

De Dietrich

De Dietrich DTiM1000C Piano ‘Zoneless’ induction hob For the first time, this induction hob offers three separate modes of cooking: Expert, Piano and Solo thus making it the world’s most advanced and versatile ‘zoneless’ induction hob. The external design incorporates serigraphy that perfectly delineates the 2600mm² (81cm x 40cm) cooking area surrounding a raised TFT touchscreen control panel situated at the front of the hob. 36 inductors designed in a unique triangular grid layout beneath the ceramic glass surface ensure automatic detection of the pan or cookware wherever situated on the cooking area. The 93cm Piano induction hob features full zoneless cooking for up to five pans – the only ‘zoneless’ induction hob on the market to do so.


Beko OIM25503 built-in multifunction oven To guarantee effortless cleaning the Beko OIM25503 oven is equipped with a catalytic liner on the back wall and an enamel oven interior. In addition, the unique Nano Oleophobic coating technology on the inner glass of the door prevents the build-up of dirt and grease. Its programmable LED display advises which shelf to use with

each programme and the 12 cooking functions include 3D cooking, pizza and keep warm features, satisfying a wide range of cooking requirements. The Beko OIM25503 boasts the best energy efficiency in its class, using 30% less energy than a standard ‘A’ rated product.

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