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Haier A+ four door fridge freezer

standard 2 door side-by-side, but with the same external dimensions making it easy to store large items (Christmas turkey, family-sized pizzas),” says James Osborne, white goods product manger at Haier UK.

Smart technology “Over the last couple of years we have seen a greater emphasis on touch control electronics,” says Andrew Wasdell, product manager Food Preservation, Electrolux Major Appliances. “Customers are now used to touch technology on their iPads/phones etc and this technology is being introduced in the controls of refrigeration. Touch control technology, supported by the sophisticated software in these cooling models, ensures that the cooling systems within the fridge freezers is precise.” Samsung’s Gino Rossi argues that

there is much more to come in this respect: “Connectivity and interactivity is something that will emerge in the UK in 2012. Having an inbuilt Wi-Fi connected tablet on a refrigerator will be the next big thing, as it’s all about making the life of the leisure-centric consumer easier. With an inbuilt tablet, leaving notes on the fridge can be done digitally, or to help with the cooking, recipes can be downloaded on the refrigerator. The temperature of the refrigerator can also be easily shown on a larger LCD screen, as well as any issues such as lighting problems, or when the freezer needs defrosting.”

Beko GNE114610 four door fridge freezer with Blue Light technology


independently controlled to provide exceptional consumer benefits and assure the very best in food preservation,” adds Whirlpool’s Dean McKelvie. Finally, fast chill and freeze options

are perfect for chilling or freezing down large quantities of food after shopping; or for cooling drinks quickly in time for a party, points out Gorenje’s Bill Miller. Gorenje’s fast-

freeze option takes temperatures down to an exceptionally low -32°C.

Energy efficient From 1 July 2012, the new EU regulations will introduce the A+ rating as the legal minimum.

“The new energy labelling

Yet, smart technology is, first of all, used to keep food fresh for longer. “Food preservation features and airflow boosters have been the key developments in terms of function over the last two years because they have impact on the effectiveness and usability of a fridge. Inadequate airflow can create different temperature zones within a fridge. With improved airflow and a uniform temperature throughout the cavity, the rules about which shelf to keep butter or meat on are less important,” stresses David Garden, commercial director of Lec and GE. “There has also been an extension of

the refrigeration areas with versatile temperature and humidity zones that are

improvements are now in force and mandatory for retailers to display and this will definitely help to explain the product performance and will have a significant impact on the market. However it will be down to retailers and manufacturers to really push it, rather than waiting for the consumer pull. Fridges and freezers are usually the only appliances that are switched on twenty four seven and so any energy efficiency improvement are a real benefit,” argues Lec’s David Garden. Market statistic suggest that energy

efficient appliances are becoming very popular, with sales of A+ and A++ rated models growing by 43% and 189% respectively. Premium appliances are already equipped with LED lighting. LED lights consume less energy, last longer, give out less heat and produce a brighter light than standard bulbs.

Latest products

The new Amica cooling range provides a wide selection of freestanding models as well as built-in models (all A+ rated), including under counter separates, upright larders and combination models with a 70:30 and 50:50 fridge freezer split, each available with and without no frost. To eliminate food waste Beko has developed the four door SBS, the GNE114610, with a ‘Multi Zone’ compartment and Beko’s Blue Light technology. The Multi Zone compartment can be used as a fridge, chiller, wine cooler or a freezer. Beko’s Blue Light technology is incorporated in the salad crispers to keep food fresher for longer by

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