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t wasn’t a forgone conclusion that Eric Han - son ’03 would attend Skidmore, but it didn’t

hurt that his mother (Joan Halpert ’73), uncle (Jona than Halpert ’84), and a high school friend (An drew Cencini ’01) attended before him. After a wide college search, he says, a Skidmore pro- gram for high school–age children of alumni ce - mented his choice. His plan, after graduating with a double major in music and his tory, was to work as an audio engineer before mov- ing to a PhD program in ethnomusi- cology. That led to free- lance writ- ing about music and technology, which led to editorial work, and eventually to his cur- rent gig as a product manager for, the New York Times–owned informa- tion source covering some 70,000 topics. Hanson’s years at Skidmore fed his passions

and gave him the confidence to, as he says, “not worry about what you think you have to do but do what you want to do.” Hanson studies how people use the software that creates Web pages or Web video players. “When I learn about how our users look at our video pages or our mobile site, I look for ways to make that software create a better experience for them,” he says. He describes being a product manager as “the art of taking a complicated problem and figuring out how to reduce it into a number of much simpler, solvable problems.” Hanson is finishing an MBA program, special-

izing in computer science and the impact tech- nology has on global business, at Baruch College in New York City. While it isn’t quite Palo Alto, with tech startups on every corner, Hanson is excited to be there, as he predicts that more new ideas will be coming from and staying in New York. —Robin Adams ’00

performances of singer Lena Horne; she’ll have a PhD in American studies from the University of Kansas. Alexina Buchanan Jones is founder

and artistic director of the Hubbard Hall Opera Theater, presenting critically ac - claimed productions in a historic opera house in Cambridge, NY, since 2008. Last year HHOT staged its fourth summer of - fering, Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, sung in Italian with supertitles and accompanied by a 17-piece orchestra. Alexina, who sang with Skidmore’s Accents, earned an MFA from New York University and has performed in several HHOT productions, which give artists in upstate New York and New England a regional stage and give area residents a chance to see live opera. She oversees HHOT’s conservatory, where college and graduate students study classical and musical-theater performance alongside seasoned professionals. In July Adam Daily won a $7,000 grant

from the New York Foundation for the Arts, part of its New York State Council on the Arts fellowship program. Adam, who won in the digital/electronic arts cat- egory, holds an MFA from SUNY-Albany. He joined other grant-winners for a NYFA reception at the Bubble Lounge in NYC. Judith Andiman and James Pagnam

’04 were married September 3 in Nan - tucket, MA. Judith is a merchandise plan- ner and product developer at Chrome Hearts, a jewelry and apparel design com- pany in Los Angeles, CA. James is an asso- ciate in the bank-loan department at Can - yon Capital Advisors. Lucas Murray and Dawn Penniston

Murray announce the arrival of son Fin - ne gan on October 16. His happy parents have been married six years. The family lives on Boston’s South Shore. ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE SKIDMORE COLLEGE 815 N. BROADWAY SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY 12866


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Poet Cara Benson, UWW, won a $7,000 grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts, part of its New York State Coun - cil on the Arts fellowship program. She joined other grant-winners for a reception at the Bubble Lounge in NYC. Nate Armitage and wife Kelly Jayne

Armitage welcomed daughter Lilah last April. The baby made her first trip to Saratoga Springs in July, and her parents say Lilah “can’t wait to go back.” James Pagnam and Judith Andiman ’03 were married September 3, in Nan -


tucket, MA. James is an associate in the bank-loan department at Canyon Capital Advisors. Judith is a merchandise planner and product developer at Chrome Hearts, a jewelry and apparel design company in Los Angeles, CA. JACQUELINE VERNARELLI 1909 N. OAK LANE STATE COLLEGE, PA 16803 JVERNARELLI@GMAIL.COM

Andrew Gerson is the chef and owner of Strada Pasta Truck, a mobile kitchen offer- ing handmade fresh pasta and local sea- sonal cuisine. He says the truck helps keep the sustainable-food movement ac - cessible, supports Pennsyl vania producers, and offers low-cost alternatives for hungry Philadelphians. In September Karrie Chen married David Wang in Queens in NYC. Rosena “Yu Ka” Chan was a bridesmaid. Li Quach and Dolores Osei-Binfor were in attendance. Karrie and David honey- mooned on a two-week Mediterranean cruise. They feel very blessed and are now settling into their new home in Queens. Tessa Clark married Jeremy Johnson on


July 2 in North Bend, WA. In attendance were Zina Poznansky and Betsy Sheri - dan. Tessa teaches fourth grade at Panther Lake Elementary in Kent. Tracy Murrin-vonEbers lives in Brook -

lyn with boyfriend Dana Martin. She works for the NYU Langone Medical Cen - ter as office manager for an ambulatory- care center, and recently started an MBA program at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Christopher Brennan married Hannah Maker on October 8 in Boston. Coleman Bello was best man, and Jeff Blankstein was a groomsman. Also in attendance were Rollie Kielman, Alex Labriola ’08, Tracy Murrin-vonEbers, Dana Martin, Laura Olstad ’07, and Vicary Graham ’82.

Conor Taff and Dyani Johns ’07 were married in Connecticut on September 3. In attendance were Kelly Harkins ’04, Jon DeCoste, Peter Logan, Lexie Reiss Haselton, Doug Morin ’07, and Antonia Moscarello ’07. Conor and Dyani live in Davis, CA, where they are both pursuing doctorates at the University of California at Davis. Conor is studying animal behav- ior, and Dyani is completing an English- lit program. Ashley Goldsmith has been back in the

San Francisco Bay Area for three years and now lives in Berkeley, CA. In her second

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