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her father at his cabin on a Maine lake. They saw friends and family and decom- pressed. Erin is on sabbatical from the fashion industry, and, after 18 years of practicing law, Greg has returned to fi - nance, investments, and insurance (his first job was in Japanese equities). Sister Alyssa Rutchik Padial ’91 has two kids: Helena, 7, and Jamie, 5. Greg loves watch- ing them grow up. Greg visited with Adri - enne O’Donnell Gibson in Seattle, WA, last spring and has gotten together with Dave Cotter a few times. He stays in touch with Adam Perlmutter ’87, Amy Bergman Bonomi ’89, and freshman roomie David Harrison. David’s son Austin attends Syracuse University. In Orlando, FL, rapper Tamerlane “T”

Bey recently released a new single, Show Your Love for Orlando, Let’s Go! The You - Tube video is called Represent O-Town— check it out to get a glimpse of T live (he looks the same, I promise) as well as cameo appearances by Orlando’s mayor and police chief. California filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy plans to attend Reunion with his wife and family. Scott is excited about the reality series he is working on, Fame High, which follows students at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts through a school year as they try to be - come successful actors, singers, dancers, and musicians. Scott was nominated for an Oscar in 2008 for The Garden, which chronicles the destruction of a communi- ty farm, and his adaptation of Wilder’s Our Town, told through the lives of high- schoolers in Oakland’s notorious Comp - ton neighborhood, also won critical acclaim. Ceci Zak McGuire’s oldest child gradu-

ated from Quinnipiac University in May. Ceci took lots of summer trips, including visits with Amy Baptiste Nelson and me, as well as a yoga retreat in the Umbria re - gion of Italy. She is looking forward to a great reunion and hopes we can generate a large turnout of classmates. She says, “This one will be the best ever—we all need to make the trek to ’toga.” CHRISTINE CALLAHAN 686 CHARNWOOD DRIVE WYCKOFF, NJ 07481 201-981-9515 CHRISTINECALLAHAN@ME.COM


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Ritsuka Watanabe Mastroianni teaches first grade at Wildwood Elementary School in Amherst, MA. Al though the work can be exhausting, Ricci enjoys the opportun -


ity to grow along with her young stu- dents. Husband David is a special-ed teacher in Orange, MA. Daughter Sasha is in her second year at Bowdoin College, and Kailina is a high school senior. Reading about the replacement of Scrib -

ner Village in the last Scope brought back memories for Steve Bitteker, who writes, “They’re tearing down my home of two years—long overdue.” Steve is in regular contact with Richard Gruen berger, Doug Bixby, and Peter Madden ’87, who live in the NYC area. Peter “did a fine job” as best man when Steve remarried in 2010 in Provence, France, to Katherine Collibee of Perth, Australia. Steve and Katherine are raising his two boys, Hayden and Pres - ton, in Greenwich, CT. Steve works in product development and marketing at New York Life Investments in Manhattan. I am thrilled to be director of admis- sions, financial aid, and communications for the Connecticut Friends School in Wilton. The position is similar to others I’ve held, but at a school to which I am deeply committed; my children started attending last year. It is a magical learning environment, and I am excited by my new role. I realize I’m very lucky because I can see my kids during the school day. Maisey is 8 and Ned is 6; Liza, 3, will join the preschool program there soon. BETH SKUDDER 16 JACKSON PLACE DARIEN, CT 06820 BSKUD13@OPTONLINE.NET


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The Class of 1989 needs a scribe! If you are interested in serving in this role, con- tact class notes editor Mary Monigan at or 800-584- 0115.

Kendall DeMatteo Berkey joined Kane, Ballmer, and Berkman as senior counsel and continues to practice public law while representing agencies throughout California. She also became engaged to Mark. Kendall would love to connect with Skiddies living in or visiting San Diego or Los Angeles. ALUMNI AFFAIRS OFFICE SKIDMORE COLLEGE 815 N. BROADWAY SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY 12866


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Heather Griffioen-Young works at Dutch contract-research organization TNO. As a coordinator for Euro pean Commission projects, she is in volved with issues rang-

ing from the social aspects of security to supply-chain transparency. She finds the work fun and challenging. Heather and husband Vincent live in Amersfoort, Netherlands, with children Tobin, 11, and Yael, 9. Last summer, the family vaca- tioned in the US on a road trip to several national parks out west. While stateside, Heather visited with Mi chal Klau-Stevens and family and with Robin Foley. Lane Gruber Rose and husband Mi - chael live in New Jersey with their three boys. Michael recently met briefly with Jeff Cerutti while passing through Jeff’s hometown. Michael says, “Jeff has barely aged since college, and I am quite jealous.” Andrea DeMartino Wiepert and her family returned to the Buffalo, NY, area in 2010, after 10 years in western Massa - chu setts. She and husband Larry have two children: Emma, 13, and Matthew, 11. Andrea is a part-time administrator for an orthodontist and spends the rest of her time running kids from here to there. She had a blast seeing everyone at our 20th reunion and can’t wait until our 25th! Lynn Ashby Donahue is spearheading

a new community-based service-learning initiative at St. John Fisher College; she is the coordinator for its Center for Ex peri - ential Learning. Her two children are in school; the youngest started kindergarten last year. In San Francisco, Lynn Barnett Seiger -

man is a board member of the nonprofit Tuolumne River Trust. She and husband Alan are having a blast playing with their first puppy, Rio. Katie Riker Sternberg left her strategic consulting practice to work on a master’s in social work at Louisiana State; she al - ready has an MBA. Katie, husband Erich (Princeton ’90), and kids Jake, 14, and Hallie, 10, escaped the summer heat with trips to Utah, New York, and Maine. Jessica Wahman is engaged to marry

John Stuhr. Jessica is associate professor of philosophy at Dickinson College. Tony Cox has owned Casco Bay Frames

& Gallery in Portland, ME, for eight years. He recently ran into Mike Loring, who lives in Norwell, MA, and Rodney Twells, who lives near Cleveland, OH. Tony would love to have other friends visit the next time they are in Portland. Rich Brooks lives in Maine with his

wife of 11 years, Cybele, and their two beautiful daughters, ages 7 and 9, who, he says, “obviously get their genes from their mother.” The couple runs a Web-design and Internet-marketing company that’s been around for nearly 15 years. Rich says, “I’m not a tech expert, but I play

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