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food bank and coalition for the homeless. Janice BozBeckian Touloukian is pleased to be a member of the planning committee for our 50th reunion in 2014. A few months after our 45th, Janice, a pastor at Newtown Congregational Church in Connecticut, officiated at the wedding of Pat McAuley Kolff’s daughter Courtney and husband Curtis at Pat and Jack’s home in Villanova, PA. Janice’s hus- band, Bob, continues as a pediatric sur- geon at Yale but no longer takes night calls. Janice plans to step down from her position in July. Lynne Knobel is happily living and painting in Cambridge, NY, where she started a cooperative gallery with several other artists last summer. Her grandchil- dren like visiting her there. “It’s a pretty and artsy community with plenty going on,” says Lynne. She stays in touch with Maggie Weill Wolf ’63; they get together occasionally in NYC or Saratoga. Carol Spiegel Hadler is now doing her clinical social work part-time. She enjoys Chapel Hill, NC, and time at the beach. She travels to visit kids and grandkids and takes long biking trips. Susan Viuker Lieberman-Landau trav-

eled to Israel for the 10th time. She visit- ed second cousins whom she had met online in 2003 via the Jewish Genealogy Web site. Finding her extended family “has been great fun and very interesting,” she says. Susan also visited two cousins of her husband, Tom Reiner. Now 87 and 95, they came to Israel before WWII, in the generation of immigrants who founded kibbutzes at Hazorea and Hulata. Susan volunteers doing Holocaust research and indexing names at the Center for Jewish History in NYC. A year after losing husband Bob, Bev

Fuhrmann Gregory downsized and moved nearer to her son in Milford, CT. Selling her house and acreage was “a big challenge in this economy,” but she did and preserved the land from future devel- opment. Bev has made new friendships at her condo community and notes, “Once again, I start anew.” Stephanie Rose is preparing for a solo exhibition of portraiture opening next fall at the Albany Institute of History and Art. The catalog writers include Skidmore Pro - fessor Emeritus of Art History James Ket - tle well. The museum has also commis- sioned Stephanie to paint a portrait of its longtime director Christine Miles, who recently retired. And a portrait of author Jaime Manrique will appear in his new novel, El Callejón De Cervantes (Cervantes Street). For more on her work, visit or e-mail her at Betsy Boyle Carpenter made her first

trip back to Saratoga since 1964. Although impressed by the town’s beauty, she says it was a challenge to find familiar places on the old campus. Betsy spent time with her sister, who lives in the area, and en joyed a great lunch seated by a Skidmore music major hailing from Wash - ington, DC. “All in all, it was lots of fun,” she says. Retired after teaching elemen- tary-school music for 30 years, she lives in Florida and sings in two performance groups. Val Burkhardt Marier and husband Bob

are in Florida for the winter. She says, “Cancer is in our rearview mirror, and we’re ready to take on the world!” They enjoyed a summer at Kennebunk Beach, ME, filled with visiting grandchildren, golf, parties, long walks, and good times. Val reports that her golf game is still a work in progress. She knits voluminously and always has a good book at the ready. MADDY SHANLEY KLIGORA 2350 STEEPLECHASE LANE ROSWELL, GA 30076-3914 MKLIGORA@COMCAST.NET


Class Participation 45% Legacy Society 13 / FOP Donors 3

In October Priscilla Soffer Hoffnung raced in a single for rowers aged 60 – 69 at the Head of the Charles Regatta. She had rowed in four, eight, double, and quad races in past years, but this was the first time she was “brave enough” to race in a single. She encourages classmates who row to contact her at Diane Thompson Jones bought a condo in the same high-rise in Bonita Springs, FL, where Carole Walter Maeder resides. There are many classmates in the area, and she loves being there as cold weather sets in back home. In July, Carole and Zack took her two 9-year-old grandkids to Yosemite National Park and Mon terey, CA. It was fun, but Carole says it’s getting harder to keep up with them. In October she had a fabulous time at her 50th high school reunion, and she hopes to see you at our Skidmore 50th. She happily reports that Zack got a clean bill of health from his doctor. Her daughter underwent major surgery in September. Eva Meinberg Aviad and husband cruised the Italian coast, toured Greece, Turkey, and Croatia, and disembarked in Venice. They later went to Toronto to visit daughter Gaby, her husband, and grand- daughter Chloe, 2. Eva is still working around the clock, but attempting to scale

back her responsibilities. She says work keeps her young. Daughter Tammy, in the art world, has two adorable little daugh- ters; daughter Shuli married last June and honeymooned in Costa Rica. Eva’s hus- band, Jacky, is finishing his memoirs for the girls and grandchildren. His father was very much involved in the establish- ment of the State of Israel. Eva says living in Israel means one’s personal life and future are intertwined with the fate of the country. “No wonder Israelis listen to the news three times a day!” Eva would love to hear from classmates. Judith Testa writes for Chicago-based Italian-American magazine Fra Noi. She authors book reviews, travel articles, a series on the Italian Renaissance, and a blog about life and art in Rome. She also maintains her own Web site, judithtesta. com. Last year she spent more than three months in the Eternal City, where a friend joined her for a three-week explo- ration that included lots of eating. Friends in Rome provided lively parties and fabu- lous food during the holidays last winter. Kathie Aberman retired in June from teaching high-school English and is now more involved in politics. She volunteers at her public radio station and works on renewable energy initiatives. She also spends more time with her mother, her son, and a granddaughter who lives in NYC. Her daughter, the youngest of her children, entered substance-abuse rehab in Arizona last year. “It has been a very painful time, but good things have come out of it,” notes Kathie, who reconnected with old friend and Scottsdale resident Kathy Feingold Hotchner and developed a deeper faith and spirituality. Kathie met with Sallie Baldwin in Longmeadow, MA; they enjoyed two nights at Shakespeare & Company, seeing The Red-hot Wit of Mollie Ivin and Romeo and Juliet, and then trav- eled to Norfolk, CT, for a performance by their “heartthrob,” singer-songwriter Raul Malo.

In November Carole Walter Maeder embarked on a two-week cruise around the Mediterranean. Our deepest condolences go to copresi-

dent Lenore Bethka Wersten: her mother, who was living in a nursing home, recent- ly passed away. Following a trip to Glacier, Banff, and nearby national parks, my husband, Har - vey, and I attended my 50th high school reunion outside Boston. We ran into Bonnie Rosenberg Rosenthal ’66 and husband Joel at a cocktail party at the Wellesley College Club.


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