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sity of Michigan, studying art. In Beaufort, SC, Maura Connelly has formed a partnership with Marlena Smalls of the Hallelujah singers, which they announced at a fundraising effort, A Gul - lah Christmas, in December. Husband Rob has opened a new orthopedic practice. Son Thor is a design engineer in Charles - ton; daughter Maren, a recent Colorado College graduate, is a barista in Seattle, WA; and daughter Callie, “the caboose,” is a freshman at the College of Charleston. Enid LeWinter Davis’s son Scott is en - joying his freshman year at Ho bart Col - lege. She says his dorm floor sounds remi- niscent of the third floor of Wilmarth from ’76 to ’79, and adds, “I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree!” She hopes to run into Karen Pfeifle ’81, whose son is also a freshman there. Enid’s younger son, Adam, continues to DJ—you may remember his work from our last reunion. He and his partner DJ’d at the wedding of Raini Simpson Houston’s son last year. Raini, Nan cy Ford, Sissy Mur - phy D’Andrea ’77, and Enid got together last summer at Sissy’s home in Darien, CT. “Time may go by, but these Skidmore friendships are as strong as ever!” Enid says. Since she enjoyed helping her son search for colleges and became a “go-to” person for college searches among her friends, she has launched a college con- sulting venture and is enjoying every mo - ment of it. She continues to work for Coldwell Banker too; her team re cently ranked 18th of more than 3,000 agents in New Jersey and Rockland County, NY. Tony Morano (anthonylejaedu@yahoo. com) says he finally landed in a career that suits him. After getting two master’s degrees in education, the teaching jobs “dried up,” but he is now a Medicaid serv- ice coordinator. He enjoys using his spe- cial-ed skills and individualized approach to help individuals in need, including a 14-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome, a 25-year-old paraplegic, and an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. Tony and his wife of 18 years, Leja, live in Liverpool, NY, with sons Timothy, 15, and Nathan, 10. Tony would love to hear from music-major cronies and classical-studies buddies. I started summer 2011 with a bike trip through the Puglia region of Italy with my baby sister Emily (a Union College grad), to celebrate her 50th birthday. We had a great time in that beautiful region. I stay in regular touch with Martha Van - Gelder, who has the enviable position of dividing her time between homes in Los Angeles, CA, and Tucson, AZ. I had din- ner with Marcy Jackson, who resigned

from public service in Massachusetts and is looking to use her legal background in the private sector. DEBBIE MONOSSON 16 PERRY STREET CAMBRIDGE, MA 02139-3912 DEBBIE@BFEC.COM

Don’t forget to save the date for the Class of 1980 mini-reunion, August 10–12! More details to follow. Gina Lancaster-Salguero lives in a little hollow of Vermont. Her parents, now in their 80s, live next door, with her brother on the other side. In the summer, grounds - keeping and the care of four horses (in - cluding a mare who is expecting a foal this spring) keep her busy. Her eldest son is stationed in Texas, two daughters live down the road, and the youngest son is a third-year music student at Berklee in Boston. Gina also has a grandson. Nancy Unger-Fink and husband Howie


live in south Florida on Condee Farm, a hunter-jumper barn of show horses and ponies, which they have owned for 27 years. Son Jamie, 25, completed a master’s in electrical engineering and works for Intel in Portland, OR. Daughter Nikki, 21, is a senior at Florida State and a photogra- pher. Daughter Ali, 17, is a high-school senior. Nancy and Howie often visit Sara - toga Springs, where Howie was born and raised. They met at Skidmore 33 years ago; the College holds a special place in their hearts. We extend condolences to Peggy Bres -

nick Kendler on the loss of her father, who attended our 30th reunion. PERI SNYDERMAN PO BOX 122 CHESTER, NY 10918-0122 SPECIALCAT@MSN.COM


Class Participation 26% Legacy Society 7 / FOP Donors 9

Margi Whiting Smith is sorry she missed Reunion; she was at daughter Julianne’s college graduation. Daughter Sarah, 24, is also a college grad. Married to husband Rob for 28 years, Margi runs a media planning business in Topsfield, MA. She says it seems like yesterday that she was roaming Howe-Rounds and hanging out in Saratoga Springs. She returned to Sara - toga several years ago and went to the racetrack, enjoyed dinner with friends at an amazing Italian restaurant on Broad - way, and headed to the T & L. “It was a Back to the Future moment—the place hadn’t changed a bit,” she reports. Margi

Class Participation 25% Legacy Society 10 / FOP Donors 10

writes children’s books and is trying to find an agent and learn the business of getting published. She welcomes input from anyone knowledgeable in the field. You can connect with her on Facebook. Margi looks forward to our 35th reunion. In June Linda Weise Schatz visited Colorado and especially enjoyed Rocky Mountain National Park and Vail. In July she visited friends in Milan, Italy; high- lights of the trip included seeing the mural The Last Supper and the cathedral. Betsey Harding Charles has seen Apple

Ives Hopkins, Anne Bradley Taylor, and Joan Westcott Gile ’82 several times over the past few years. One get-together in - cluded Rebecca Leef Zelenty at the shore; they had fun seeing one another. Sadly, the next time they got together was at Rebecca’s funeral in February 2010. Bet - sey’s daughter Amanda, 22, graduated magna cum laude from Bloomsburg Uni - versity and is in grad school at the Uni - ver sity of Pennsylvania. Twins Maxwell and Jake, 19, are sophomores at Blooms - burg. Betsey was sorry to miss Reunion but later visited her brother in Saratoga and lunched at Lillian’s. Melissa Manning Hickey missed Re - union and would love to see any photos classmates have posted. She lives in Boul - der, CO, and has been married for 26 years. The youngest of three children is a freshman at the nearby University of Colorado. Melissa has been involved in politics, advertising sales, and education. She stays in touch with many former “Penfield gals,” including Liz Yonda, Martha Houghton Bonan, Apple Ives Hopkins, Tracie Briggs Padgett, and Sedra Michaelson. Melissa is a Skidmore alumni admissions contact. NYC resident Barbara Hubbard Boursi -

quot has been married for 36 years and has three children. She has been diag- nosed with pulmonary fibrosis from expo- sure in the aftermath of 9/11. Retired from her nursing position at an area hos- pital, she recently released the book Nurses—How to Protect Your License. Anne Haas Agura enjoyed Reunion. Daughter Kristen, 26, graduated from a physician’s assistant program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX; Ashley, 23, graduated from the University of Oklahoma last May; and Josselyn ’12 is a biology major. Anne is remodeling her house and looking forward to having more time to volunteer in her community. In June writer Lee Carlson hosted a pro- gram titled “Using Humor to Heal” on the weekly Internet radio series Brain Injury Radio. Lee has explored the topic with


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