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Michael, daughter Caroline, and grand- sons Benjamin and Gavin. Barbie, who had not seen Michael in 30 years, decided not to wait that long again, or they’ll all be “really old.” After the Lusardi wedding, she proceeded to West Hartford, CT, to see Judy Roberts Kunisch, husband Walt, and their family. Judy and Barbie started strategizing for our 65th birthdays next year. Barbie then came to my house for three days, and we went to Marcia Jen - sen Watson’s home in Bloomfield, CT, and took her out for a birthday lunch. Since she did not go to Kenya in the Peace Corps last year, Barbie rented out her California home and traveled around the Northwest. Highlights were three national parks: Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. In October Leslie Gard - ner McGovern flew to California to help Barbie drive to the East Coast. After 4,718 fun miles, from Yosemite to the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC, Barbie is now on Nantucket for the winter. Judy Roberts Kunisch completed a three-year term as president of Skidmore’s alumni association; she’s been a board member since 2004. Of the highlights, she says, “Reunion is the pinnacle event for alumni—there are over 30,000 of us around the world—and each year at Com - mencement, we welcome about 650 new alums into our ranks.” Judy hopes class- mates will consider volunteering for Skid - more and taking advantage of alumni travel programs, regional events, and other “perks.” She says, “There are lots of great ways to get involved.” Vici Prescott Brown, who winters in Florida, enjoyed summer on the Great Sacandaga Lake, just north of Saratoga Springs. A wonderful group of Skidmore gals from Saratoga gets together a few times each summer. They include Rene Akel Rosebrook ’68, Diana Clark Crookes, Chellie Wise Gorgos, Jean In teglia Travis ’74, Dorothy Stein Oswalt ’68, and Beverly Becker, phys-ed professor emerita. One mini-reunion took place at the Jonesville Country Store, owned and operated by Jean and husband John. Vici says it has “delicious deli prod- ucts and wonderful desserts,” and it fea- tures an art gallery upstairs. A photo of the gathering there can be viewed online at (click on “class pages,” and choose 1969). Peggy Amyot Mangano is thoroughly enjoying retirement. She travels, includ- ing visits to children and grandchildren in California, and runs in half and full marathons. She appreciates Skidmore’s efforts to foster a multicultural and di -

verse student body. Peggy hosted two Salvadoran students, Maribel Platero Torres ’11 and Marta Cuellar Aguilar ’11, through Nueva Esperanza del Norte (New Hope from the North). Peggy en - courages us to continue supporting stu- dents from developing countries. MARY HARDMAN LAPORTE 143 FERN STREET HARTFORD, CT 06105-2248 CBANDCO2@AOL.COM


Class Participation 42% Legacy Society 8 / FOP Donors 10

Kathryn Kariotis lives in Nevada in “happy domestic partnership” with Michael Harmon. She has known him since were 12-year-olds in Wayland, MA, but they got together at the wedding of his son. His former wife, Barbara, who is Kathryn’s best childhood friend, con- vinced her to go as his wedding date (“Little did she know that I’d always had a crush on Michael,” says Kathryn), and soon she’d moved to Nevada. Barbara is remarried, and the two couples get to - gether frequently. “I know it may sound crazy to most, but it works for us,” Kath - ryn says, adding, “I have discovered a happy, peaceful, adventurous life in the high desert.” She and Michael travel to Bandon, OR, where he owns land by the coast, and back to New England to visit family. Both of Gail Kern’s daughters are gain-

fully employed in Boston, MA. Gail win- ters in Scottsdale, AZ, and summers in East Hampton, NY. She exhibits her paint- ings with Plain Air Peconic, which publi- cizes and supports the very active Peconic Land Trust. She and her husband enjoy sailing and skiing. BARBARA CROSSMAN BELL 218 CANDEE AVENUE SYRACUSE, NY 13224-1608 BICI@TWCNY.RR.COM

Margot Morse Cseley echoes a common theme: “I can encapsulate the last 40 years by saying that I can now take a deep breath after being perpetually busy.” Margot, who has been practicing family medicine in Atlanta, GA, for more than 30 years, has focused on holistic methods for the past decade. Her eight grandchil- dren are scattered all over the world. She loves photography and makes cards to keep in touch with friends and family. Janet Lee Beach is “happily chugging along” in San Francisco, CA, helping peo- ple find employment through San Fran -


Class Participation 57% Legacy Society 10 / FOP Donors 20

cisco Chamber of Commerce’s job forum. Her husband is active in academics. Her son runs a nonprofit in Washing ton, DC, to help rebuild lives and businesses after devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. Iris Zurawin Marden moved from Santa Monica, CA, to Los Angeles last year after her divorce. One daughter is an assistant merchandiser at J. Crew; the other is pur- suing a master’s degree at the Bank Street College of Education in NYC. Iris loves living out west and is active in the con- temporary art world. I had to Google “Ride for Renewable Energy on Moving Planet Action Day” to find out where Sarah Stueber Merrill and her fellow Sierra Club bicyclists were. Sally designed the routes for a renewable- energy tour around Texas State Technical College in Harlingen. Delighted to have some “greatly energetic” students this term, she says she still misses Saratoga and “that great fall smell, cold weather, hot cider, and Stewart’s!” Constance Paske is three years away

from retirement from her job as an ESL teacher. This past summer she took a three-week trip to Morocco, where she rode a camel, camped in the Sahara, and judged the food “four-star across the board.” Still interested in Indian culture, she is taking classes in Bollywood dancing. Susan Hufnagel celebrated the marriage

of her son at the family’s shoreside cot- tage in Owls Head, ME. Daughter Sarah Reilly Harvey ’00 helped create bouquets of flowers from her mother’s garden. Says Sue, “A fabulous time was had by all!” Alumna wonderwoman Sandra Lipson,

who is doing some recruiting work for Partners in Health, hired a 2010 Skidmore alumna. She observes, “The connections continue.” Katherine Davis Tornehl, whose 2008 death was noted in the last issue, com- pleted her Skidmore degree in three years in order to join fiancé Ted Tornehl after his graduation from West Point. In addi- tion to teaching and overseeing preschool and kindergarten programs in the Mil - wau kee area, she was a scow sailor at Pe - waukee Yacht Club and enjoyed garden- ing. As Jan Murnane Kreitler recalls, “Kate was indeed a gem.” We extend con- dolences to her family. In September our daughter was married

in the outdoor garden of Phipps Conser - vatory in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a beautiful evening and a great gathering of families and friends. Then it was back to North Carolina and work (although I’m readying for retirement).


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