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Elisabeth Rocha Serra, an AFS exchange student from Brazil during our freshman year, sent a long letter. Divorced since 1983, she has had a companion for 11 years, with whom she loves to dance and play tennis. “I live in my house and he lives in his, which is perfect,” says Betch. She spends time with friends and travels the world, including a trip to China last year. In the fall her whole family, includ- ing four children and four grands, went to Disney World for her birthday. Betch’s son Ricardo has a PhD in economics and finance. Son Victor, who worked for Sara Lee in Mexico, the US, and Italy, is now president of a Brazilian food company. Daughter Sissi struggles with schizophre- nia and keeps Betch “very busy and wor- ried.” Daughter Mari, her youngest, is a housewife. Betch adds that her mother, who is 96 and completely blind, “has an amazing mind—better than mine.” Artist Laura Young hopes to retire soon

from her teaching position at the Univer - sity of Iowa. In August she had a great week teaching a painting course at Ghost Ranch in Santa Fe, NM (where Georgia O’Keeffe painted). Susan Altus Rudnick and husband Jeffrey live seven months of the year in Boca Raton, FL. Susan plays lots of golf, enjoys biking and knitting, and belongs to several book groups. Son David, a urol- ogist, and his family live in Marin County, CA. Daughter Julie and family live in Scarsdale, NY. Judy Pettingell had a painting in the prestigious Alliance for the Visual Arts’ juried summer show in Lebanon, NH. She celebrated her 70th birthday with a clam- bake for family and friends, including Ronnie Zolondek Bramesco (and hus- band Art) and Mary-Ellen Fulton Efferen ’64. There was a special cake in the shape of an artist’s palette. In September, Judy traveled with her painting group to the Chianti region of Tuscany and had a won- derful time drinking wine, eating, and enjoying the fall colors. Of course, the group painted too. Judy notes, “We tease and laugh a lot but are also very support- ive of one another.” With 17 family members Joyce DiBona enjoyed a week on Cape Cod to celebrate her 70th and husband Bob’s 80th birth-


days. Joyce is spending more time in West port, MA, which has helped her golf game as well as her gardening and paint- ing skills. She adds, “May our 70s bring continued good health and the ability to laugh!” In Princeton, NJ, Jane Finneman Hoch -

man’s plan for a group 70th-birthday gar- den tea party for classmates fell through, as “life intervened” for many classmates. Jane, whose active professional life has ended (to her delight), was invited to present at a national symposium on men- tal health in December with the coauthor of her book on early intervention. “So my juices are flowing again!” she says. Ruth Adler Ruder and husband Philip celebrated his birthday with a two-week walking tour of Italy last summer. Jane Uetz Johnson’s stepson lives in NYC, just blocks from Jane and husband Albert, and teaches in a Harlem charter school. The couple cruised the Panama Canal last January and embarked on another cruise in the fall to celebrate Jane’s 70th birthday and their wedding anniversary. Jane sees sister Nancy Uetz Frank ’60 regularly. In September they met in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, for the Shaw Festival. Karen Levin Coburn spent part of her birthday month at the beach in Narragan - sett, RI, with her extended family. Karen is delighted that daughter Alison and family are moving back to St. Louis, MO. It will enable her to see her “adorable, curly-headed grandson August” more often. This year’s Coburn Lecture at Skid - more, which Karen established in 2005 to enrich women’s studies and gender aware- ness, was delivered by University of Mich - i gan scholar Elizabeth Armstrong and was titled “Partying, Hooking Up, and Sexual Assault on Campus.” According to her Facebook page, Wendy Sussman Rubin celebrated her 70th birthday with a family weekend before heading to Naples, FL, with husband Arthur to continue the festivities. After her big birthday party in Septem -

ber, Betsey Burstein Schneider had a sur- prise appendectomy, but she was up and running almost immediately. Sabre Gilmartin (aka Lynda Sable) is in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, until the end of March. She encourages anyone traveling in the area to contact her at An article in the October 2010 Marin magazine features Bonnie Bell Potter and husband Bruce’s second home in Poipu, Hawaii, where they held the wedding of daughter Tracy to Felipe Gomez-Kraus.

The Potters live in San Francisco, CA. Son Whitney works in real estate in Larkspur, CA. Bonnie also has a granddaughter, Cassidy. Bonnie can be contacted at I saw Bonnie’s freshman roommate, Lu - cretia Robbins (aka Chrissie Fueller), in NYC for a North Hall reunion with Linda Cohen Lubell, Janet Block Lefkowitz, Louise Siegel Musser, and Karen Coburn. Chrissie was busy last summer teaching painting to girls ages 6 to 10, and paint- ing in her flower-filled gardens. Grand - daughters Shannon and Caroline came and joined in for a few days. According to Facebook photos, Judy Ful - ler Aronson and husband Nathan were in England and Botswana over the summer. Judy is very involved with painting. We extend condolences to Jean John -

son Monk, whose husband, Douglas, died in July after a valiant battle with lung cancer. In June, John and I celebrated our birth-

days with a marvelous trip to Tuscany, accompanied by our kids, their spouses, and four grandkids. We had a week at a villa with a pool in the Chianti region of ancient hilltowns and vineyards, and we toured cities including Venice and Rome. The rest of the summer was split between Nantucket, Barnegat Light, NJ, and Ver - mont—where Hurricane Irene devastated our village. We were fine up on a hill with a large generator, but we were marooned for a few days, and supplies were flown in by Army helicopters. I was proud that Vermont quickly set up Web pages to determine where help was needed and provided it. In October we invited our kids and grandkids to help pick a bumper crop of apples and make cider. DEBORAH FRANKEL REESE PO BOX 110 SOUTH STRAFFORD, VT 05070 BYBYNJ@GMAIL.COM


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Alexandra Vulte Metzger keeps busy teaching and enjoying her eight grand- children. She and husband Bob winter on Casey Key in Florida. Alex and her plein air painting friends have been doing seascapes near her home in Marblehead, MA, and sometimes travel to Gloucester. She says she’s “returning to the cubist way I painted in the ’60s.” Although she used to bike daily, she decided that rou- tine was too tough on her bones; she joined a senior center and enjoys the challenge of “golden zumba” classes. She is active with fundraising for a local

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