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or on their farm in Elmira, NY. The last two years were challenging, says Susanne Hecht Goldstein. Her husband, Sumner Yaffe, suffered from kidney dis- ease and died in August. But she is upbeat and plans to travel and connect with old friends. In July Lenore Blitz Lerner and hus-

band Max spent a few days in Berlin and Paris. They found Berlin very interesting. Max, who previously lived in Paris, took them through streets not usually traveled by tourists. Patsy Kelly McCornack leads an active

life on Martha’s Vineyard. With two won- derful children and five excellent grand- children, she says, “Life is good.” When she retired Judith Podlesney found herself craving respite from traffic and city life. Now living her dream, she lives in a renovated 1800s church near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in rural Rappahannock County, Virginia. She enjoys the peace and friendliness of the neighbors as well as many opportuni- ties to volunteer. Last year Marilynn Corbett Sutton

had a hip replaced and two lymphomas removed from her face; she also under- went cataract surgery. A hospice volun- teer, Marilyn also tutors young students in English. She enjoys needlepoint and gourmet cooking. Joan Cole Pendergast has had a knee

and a hip replaced. She and her husband, Jack, have three grandchildren in college; their oldest granddaughter graduated from St. John’s in Annapolis, MD, in May. Joyce Gilburt Hood-Jelliff spent part of

June in Provence and Paris. She encour- ages classmates who plan to visit France to contact her for wonderful places to stay in Noves, an hour north of Marseilles. Joyce and her husband spent the summer at Linnekin Bay Resorts in Maine, sailing, shopping, and relaxing. Joyce is now back at work recruiting engineers. She’s trying to accommodate “a dreary job market” full of job-seekers who do not meet the qualifications for available positions. Aurel Brown Searls had a wonderful summer in the high country of Colorado. She and her son also traveled to South Africa, where the family had lived during the 1960s, to visit another son. In August she and a friend enjoyed great scenery and wildlife during a trip to the Canadian Rockies. Gail Dodge Meade is getting acclimated

to her new two-bedroom apartment. She left her three-bedroom home of 49 years after sorting out a lifetime’s worth of col- lectibles. She enjoys her part-time job

leading a senior group and her involve- ment with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, a nationwide program staffed by volunteers that engages seniors in higher education “for the fun of it.” Gail also loves serving on several committees. Barbara Osborne Vulkoff and husband Craig enjoyed a three-week cruise on the Oceana from San Francisco through the Panama Canal to NYC. There they were met by daughter Deborah and her family, who accompanied them to the Broadway production Book of Mormon and to the memorial at Ground Zero. Anne Mintener Heegaard and husband Peter traveled with their “salon group” to Morocco to stay with two of its members —the US ambassador to Morocco, Sam Kaplan, and wife Sylvia. The Hee gaards were included in briefings by embassy staff and social gatherings with some fas- cinating people involved with the politics of that part of the world. They then joined a guided tour of the country, including tenting in the desert. In June they traveled up the Dalmation Coast, which Anne found “fabulous, beautiful, and interesting.” Their eldest granddaugh- ter, a freshman at NYU, is an aspiring writer; their other grands range in age from 10 to 17. The Heegaards were re - lieved that their cabin, in the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, was safe after a huge forest fire that raged from August to October. Peter recently had a second book published. My husband and I had a wonderful summer reunion with college roommate Anne Bachman Walmsley and her hus- band, Doug, who escaped the South Car - olina heat by vacationing in Belfast, ME. They rented a beautiful house on the har- bor and treated us to a grand dinner; we enjoyed sharing wonderful memories. Their daughter Jill is a professional singer who teaches voice, speech, and dialect in California; her husband teaches theater arts at Carroll University. Daughter Lynne lives in Denver, CO, where she and her


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husband operate a dog-kenneling business that is opening a third location. Daughter Priscilla teaches yoga in Lake Bluff, IL; her husband is a partner in a busy law firm in Chicago. Barbara Cashin Rogers and Jim have

been married 54 years. They have two daughters, Lesa and Amy, and two grand- sons, Asher and Ales. The Rogerses spend summers on Madeleine Island, WI, in Lake Superior, where they operate an art school. They winter in Palm Desert, CA. Says Barbara, “It’s a great life.” Sidney Wright Coursen celebrated her

75th birthday with a seven-day cruise to Bermuda with husband Beau and their family of nine, including children Chris - tina, Jeffrey, and Kimberly, and their hus- bands and children. Sid continues to en - joy her book club on Cape Cod with Mary Avery Gessner and Ann Talbot Brown ’57. Sid and Beau joined me and Tom for a wonderful September weekend in Maine. Beau and Tom went to a boat show while Sid and I chatted about old times and watched videos. And we had a tense moment at sea when local tour boat The Island Lady overtook our 16-foot motorboat: although we had the right of way, Skippers Tom and Beau gave way to the tour boat after hearing its loud honk! Carolyn Moulton Harris and her sec-

ond husband, Mike, live on a 10-acre minifarm in Jericho, VT, with their Rott - weiler and three horses. She loves her part-time job driving a school bus, which affords her a daily “grandchild fix.” The Harrises have four sons and 10 grandchil- dren, who range from 6 to 24. The oldest has been accepted to Penn State’s veteri- nary school, and his sister goes to RPI. Carolyn is very active at church, singing in the choir and as a soloist and directing an English handbell choir; she also rings bells in a community group called Nor - thern Bronze Music. Music has been a driving force in her life, she says, and “the background I received at Skidmore has been the solid foundation that has kept me going.”

Monica Reis de Janosi visited three classmates in California: Bev Beatson Gross man, Susie Hecht Goldstein, and Cathy Yacker Winter hosted her “in royal fashion.” She was struck by life on the West Coast, with its “gorgeous weather, fabulous flora, and outdoor living.” She notes, “Sadly, however, all four of us have lost loved ones since we last met. It was good to commiserate with one another, but we ’58ers are made from strong stuff. We are carrying on in a brave manner and enjoyed reminiscing about old times.”


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