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Super Saturday Streetcar Special XIX pauses on Elmwood Avenue in Philadelphia for a photo stop on February 4, 2012 (above). the charter consists of two coupled Kawasaki streetcars, with No. 9000 (the first delivered to SEPTA in 1980) leading the highest-numbered car on the roster, No. 9111. The operator in the lead car controls everything but the doors in the second car. The special, sponsored by the Wilmington Chapter NRHS, later paused on Lancaster Avenue near the Pennsylvania Railroad’s massive bridge work at 52nd Street (below). The inbound SEPTA commuter train has a soon-to-be retired Silverliner II trailing.

Wreck Trains by Ron Dukarm Available through the

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exactly how large the store was. GCT has balconies that surround the main concourse on the second level, and the Apple Store oc- cupies a full 25 per cent of the balcony space, with one end balcony and half of one side balcony filled with tables of iPads, iPods, iPhones, and more. The trademark bright and shiny Apple logo is at the top of one of the end staircases, and ascending it is like walking into Mac heaven. I also took some time to ride some of the

subway lines under Manhattan and do some photography. I’m happy to report that not a single NYCTA or city police officer cared what I was doing; it seems everyone has got- ten the message that photography in the subways is okay. In fact, I was far from the only person wearing a camera around my neck while riding the trains.

Streetcar Train Each year on the Saturday before the Super Bowl the Wilmington Chapter NRHS hosts the Super Saturday Streetcar Special on SEPTA in Philadelphia, this one numbered XIX and held on February 4, 2012. As the co-

ordinator for the trip I try to come up with something different each year; there are on- ly so many things you can do with a PCC-2 after running these trips for 19 years. This year we made a two-car train out of Kawasa- ki cars, using the first K-car delivered to the city (No. 9000, in 1980) and the highest numbered K-car (No. 9111, delivered with the rest of the fleet in 1981; while numbered last, it was not the last one delivered). The K-cars can run as a coupled train with an op- erator in the lead car directly controlling the second car. The second car must have an op- erator to control the doors. One call to SEP- TA’s Ed Springer got both cars for the char- ter, and on the day of the trip we had operators William Monaghan and Russell Greco (all three men are also traction en- thusiasts). Since K-cars operating together is very rare (as in, it never happens), SEPTA sent out a supervisor to keep an eye on things during the early part of the trip, and going into the Center City Tunnel’s trackage with signals seemed to be a learning experi- ence for everyone. With John Gabriel assisting with photo

This 100 page, five chapter spiral bound book includes 153 photos of Lackawanna, Erie, and EL wreck cranes and their associated equipment. Most of these photographs are being published for the first time. The book also includes 36 drawings and equipment charts. Ron thoroughly covers the complete roster of wrecking cranes, wreck trains, and wrecking procedures of all three railroads. Ron also provides the first ever explanation of Erie's mysterious Maintenance Of Way numbering system.

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