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Rail Voices Dissent on Bill As mentioned, the newest transportation bill was unveiled as we were nearing deadline. The House transportation committee re- leased an 846-page highway and transit reauthorization bearing a $266 billion price tag. Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.) proclaimed the bill as one that “is critical to the nation’s economy and creating jobs.” Though some state transportation officials were “pleased,” rail interests were less than thrilled. On the freight side, AAR President Ed Hamburger complained that the legislation supposedly to improve the nation’s “crum- bling” transportation infrastructure “would [in fact] accelerate road and bridge damage and result in taxpayer subsidies for the trucking industry” by allowing double and triple-trailer trucks to travel over longer dis- tances. He added, “Americans don’t want 97,000-pound trucks or huge multi-trailers up to 120 feet long on our nation’s highways’ and unfairly sticking the taxpayers with the bill for “road and bridge damage inflicted by massive trucks.” On the passenger side, NARP President

National Railway Historical Society

and Friday, March 9, 2012

Scottish Rite Temple (Winterail Venue) Stockton, California

Railfan presentations, door prizes and raffles ADMISSION PRICE



For information on the event or to be a presenter contact Steve Barry at 973/383-3355


Admission $7.00 (All sales at the door) Pizza served at 5:00 p.m. Shows start 6:00 p.m.




Ross Capon offered his own criticism of the proposed truck weight increase as being at odds with concerns about safety, available revenues and energy conservation. He criti- cized further reductions in “Amtrak’s al- ready bare-bones federal operating grant” and said privatizing food service personnel aboard Amtrak was “impractical.” Capon said while NARP could support ex-

tending the 2015 deadline for Positive Train Control (PTC or crash avoidance technolo- gy), he did not favor the bill’s five-year ex- tension to 2020. AAR says the project is the

most expensive U.S. government mandate in history, whose costs outweigh benefits. The estimate in 2010 was $13.2 billion. CSX President Michael Ward has said 2015 was a nonstarter anyway because the necessary technology would not be available in time.

Speaking of Which, Amtrak’s Plans Amtrak CEO Joseph Boardman says instal- lation of Amtrak’s own PTC program is to be completed this year on the final $12.8 mil- lion dollar segment of NEC tracks not al- ready equipped with it. Mr. Boardman’s agenda for 2012 includes: • Identifying public and private funding

sources for Amtrak’s ambitious HSR on the NEC. A more detailed plan to be released in the spring; • Building 70 electric locomotives and 130 single-level long-distance cars, first to be on the railroad in 2013; • Updated strategy, analyzing, replacing

and expanding Amtrak’s high-speed and conventional fleet; • An in-depth evaluation of long-distance

trains (which Boardman has said are not en- dangered) to help improve customer service, including Auto Train, Empire Builder, Southwest Chief, City of New Orleans, and Coast Starlight. Boardman told reporters he hoped for as-

sistance from New York and New Jersey for the Gateway Project, including two new tun- nels beneath the Hudson River into New York City. Asked if there was any level of commitment for those projects, the Amtrak boss’s one-word answer was “No.” Wes Vernon is a Washington-based writer and veteran broadcast journalist.

Winterail 2012 Join us as we celebrate our 33nd show

Saturday, March 10, 2012 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

Scottish Rite Masonic Center, Stockton, California Show presenters include:

Brendon Compton • Dick Dorn

Tom Gildersleeve Randy Nelson Mel Patrick Al Rose Evan Werkema

Full Event Ticket is $35 for Admission to Railroad Photography Exposition, and

Railroadiana & Sale...Tickets by Advance Mail Only Admission to the Railroadiana Show & Sale only is $7 (available at the door only)

Order Tickets From: Vic Neves, Winterail 2012, P. O. Box 1627, San Leandro, CA 94577 Check or Money Order Payable to Vic Neves

Winterail 2012 Ticket Requests MUST Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope To Process Your Order

Presentations subject to change without prior notice.

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