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non-union workers in Muncie, Ind., an event which to many observers foretold the demise of the Canadian facility. Workers at Muncie are being offered $12.00 to $18.50 an hour to start, compared to the $35.00 an hour that was paid to many London workers. Nevertheless, the day after EMD announced the London shut- down, several thousand applicants flooded a February 4 job fair held in Muncie, prompting the company to schedule a second event in early March. In contrast to EMD, unionized employees at archrival General Electric’s plant in Erie, Penn., are paid between $25.00 and $36.00 an hour. (GE is building another locomotive as- sembly plant in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s un- known whether the new facility will employ union workers.)

Norfolk Southern

GREEN NO MORE: Since 1994 Norfolk Southern GP59 No. 4610 has worn an attrac- tive green Southern Railway paint scheme ap- plied in honor of SR’s 100th anniversary, and it has been a sought-after subject for photogra- phers across the system. Now, it's been re- painted by the Juniata shops into standard NS black, with large Operation Lifesaver graphics emblazoned on the long hood.

MECHANICVILLE INTERMODAL OPENS: The new Norfolk Southern intermodal facility in Mechanicville, N.Y. opened for business on January 16, 2012, and replaces the Kenwood Yard facility in Albany. Built on the site of the former Delaware & Hudson and Boston & Maine freight yards, the new facility handles a daily double-stack container train to and from Chicago’s 47th Street intermodal yard via Binghamton and Buffalo. At Mechanicville, the top layer of eastbound containers, destined for receivers in the greater Albany area, will be removed or “filleted,” and the remaining single-level consist will continue over Pan Am Southern trackage through the Hoosac Tunnel to Ayer, Mass. (Hoosac will not clear double- stacked containers.) The westbound coming off PAS will have a top layer (“toupee”) of contain- ers containing freight from the Albany area added at Mechanicville.


TWO MORE FLAGS FALL: Well, you can for- get about ever seeing a matched set of locomo- tives painted for Marquette Rail (MQT). On February 1, RailAmerica announced that it plans to purchase the 126-mile employee-owned line, which runs from Grand Rapids to Luding- ton and Manastee, Mich. No closing date has been set for the transaction, which is subject to approval by the Surface Transportation Board. RA will also acquire a 70 per cent interest

from the Myles Group in Pennsylvania’s 35- mile Wellsboro & Corning, which has seen its freight traffic surge recently in support of near- by natural gas well drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation. The line runs between Wells- boro, Penn., and a connection with Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific on the NS Southern Tier line at the east end of Gang Mills yard, just west of Corning. The closing date will be March 7, 2012.

Washington Short Line Diesels Head East

LARRY’S TRUCK ELECTRIC has obtained four former Weyerhaeuser Timber units, along with a pair of ex-Columbia & Cowlitz GP7s. On January 15, 2012, LTEX SW7 300, GP7u 702, SW1500s 307 and 305, GP7 309, and GP20 700 were on the head end of CSX train Q353-14 at Youngstown, Ohio. The C&C and Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad operations out of Longview, Wash., were ac- quired by Patriot Rail in August 2010 along with Weyerhaeuser’s other rail properties (Mississippi & Skuna Valley; DeQueen & Eastern; Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern; and Golden Triangle). They’re currently operated as the Columbia & Cowlitz and the Patriot Woods Railroad. On another note, in December 2011 Patriot donated the dormant 21-mile M&SV to the Mississippi and Skuna Valley Rails to Trails Recreational District, which will convert the right of way to the Skuna Valley Trail.

Wild Mary Lives!

GEORGES CREEK RAILWAY No. 7436 and No. 7471, both wearing as-delivered Western Mary- land paint, bask in the sun at Metro East Industries in East St. Louis, Ill., on February 6, 2012, hours after being released from the paint shop. No. 7436 was built as an SD35, renumbered CSX 4578, and rebuilt by VMV Paducah into BNSF SD38P No. 1556 (See RAILNEWS February 2012). No. 7471 became Chessie System 7571, then CSX 8422, and Helm Leasing 9044 before going to GCK.

A Change of Scheme in the Lone Star State

THE PORT TERMINAL RAILROAD ASSOCIATION of Houston, Texas, has been repainting its dark blue and silver locomotives with this simplified bright red and yellow design. GP15D No. 9605 was working at the Port of Houston with a leased GP38-2 on January 22, 2012.





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