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ICT - Networking and Communications

NEC Interactive Wall Mount Solution T

he NEC interactive wall mount solution aims to transform any flat surface into an interactive workspace. To be used in combination with a short throw or ultra-short throw projector from the NEC M or U Series, the interactive wall mount solution can utilise your existing projection equipment allowing the school to harness the benefits of interaction without having to invest heavily in all new projection equipment. Mounted close to the wall, the short-throw projector allows the teacher to lead from the front of class without casting shadow or being dazzled. When students are invited to the front of class to write on the wall or whiteboard surface, there is no danger of

sensitive young eyes being damaged by strong glare. In primary schools, children are able to gather together close to the board allowing greater interaction between students, teachers and the equipment without any restriction to movement. The NP01Wi2 interactive solution includes fully featured interactive eBeam education software which offers rich curriculum resources to aid lesson planning. The NP01Wi1 is compatible with all standard software tools e.g. Smart Notebook, Promethean ActivInspire, RM Easiteach allowing the teacher to use existing software or to select the most appropriate or most familiar to them. Comprising a sensor and bracket with an interactive pen, the system uses two forms of tracking technology, both infrared and ultra-sonic to ensure superb levels of accuracy. The interactive pen works in a similar way to a mouse enabling the user to manipulate the presentation screen in a very simple and intuitive way. The overriding purchase criteria within educational establishments today is to ensure value for money with a product which will be fit for purpose for many years to come. ICT equipment is a proven necessity in the learning environment, but now more than ever, the Total Cost of Ownership, will be

subject to deep scrutiny. The NEC interactive solution represents the best future proofed investment in a proven teaching resource. Disparate elements combine to create a fully featured interactive classroom tool whilst reducing the total cost of ownership. Existing NEC U or M Series projection equipment can be utilised whilst maintaining an upgrade path for future advances in projection technology without having to replace the interactive receiver. With projector and interactive elements separate, service costs are minimised in case of projector or interactive module breakdown. No special surface is required to project on to. The classroom environment must be configured to achieve the primary objective of education. All aspects of the classroom environment combine to have a formative effect on young minds as teachers work to transmit knowledge, skills and values. The NEC interactive wall mount solution supports the teacher with the benefits of an interactive teaching and learning resource, maximising classroom space without requiring a huge investment.

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November 2011


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