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Pendock Column Casings Create Stunning Interior


etal Column Casings from specialists

Pendock have been used to striking effect at the new West Cheshire College in Ellesmere Port. The landmark building boasts an iconic rotunda, housing 100 column casings with a stunning Brushed Aluminium finish.

Adrian Moss of Main Contractor BAM Construct UK, was tasked with reducing proposed build costs by 10% and

immediately looked to revise the original specification of steel columns.

He comments: “Having worked successfully with Pendock on previous projects, we were aware that the use of their Column Casings would negate the need for the proposed costly steel columns. The Pendock system allowed the use of a more cost effective cut of steel, which would then be enclosed in the casing, resulting in significant cost savings.”

Pendock’s decorative column casings are available in Metal and GRP for external applications, whilst GRG and preformed plywood - with hard- wearing, low-maintenance finishes including Melamine, Real Wood Veneer and Formica Laminates - provide a sleek appearance for stylish interiors.

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Polyrey’s Sustainable Development brochure

P olyrey’s new brochure:

Sustainable Development outlines the full extent of its commitment to an environmentally friendly approach. Aimed at specifiers, designers, contractors and manufacturers, the brochure contains an extensive list of serious eco-credentials including the company’s commitment to Life Cycle Assessment and Total Quality Management certification for its two factories to ISO 9001 and 14001. With PEFC certified chain of custody for its wood-based products since 2003 and FSC certification since 2010, Polyrey can guarantee that all paper used in the production of its HPL comes from renewable sources and all raw materials used to produce its paper come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.

Other important measures include the elimination of heavy metal and toxic products from its production processes including nitrogen and phenol; energy saving; transport reduction; air protection; reduction in water consumption and waste recycling with 76% of the company’s waste currently being recycled or converted into energy and a stated aim to increase this percentage annually.

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When your budgets are cut don’t cut education standards

PremierClassic - a cost-effective timber-framed building for use as single or 2-storey applications.

PremierOne - a lightweight steel-framed building for use as single or 2-storey applications capable of multiple relocations.

PremierPlus - a high quality long-life, steel-framed building for use with single or multi-storey permanent applications and can be relocated.

PremierHire - a range of standard classrooms and bespoke educational facilities to suit temporary and permanent applications.

Our range of Premier buildings features -  Surety of cost and programme.

 Significantly faster build programmes compared to traditional build.

 Committed delivery teams for each project.

 Easily relocated, extended, modified, purchased or hired as required.

 Minimal site disruption.  Durable and resilient building system.  Fully compliant with all DfES Building Bulletins.  Environmentally friendly with sustainable materials used.  Timber harvested from approved FSC managed forests.  Long-term warranties and design life exceeding 100 years.

 Exceeds building regulations for thermal efficiency - can radically reduce energy costs.

 Excellent acoustic performance.


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