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ICT - Networking and Communications

Transforming classroom learning W

e’ve all come a long way from the simple chalkboard. Throughout the education industry today, we’re increasingly seeing the acknowledgement that the use of innovative technology in the classroom can be greatly beneficial.

Comment by Chris Price, Managing Director, Epson UK

It specifically suits the approach of ‘active learning’, which involves a mixture of listening to, demonstrating and interacting with subject material. Ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images – visual aids therefore help enhance thinking and learning skills. Technology such as interactive projectors and visualisers are crucial in transforming many concepts, issues and facts into engaging visual elements for easier consumption and engagement by students of all topics.

Real world examples reinforce this trend. Over 2009-2010, for example, Cromer High school invested heavily in its ICT systems and visualiser technology, and saw its OFSTED evaluation bump up from a ‘notice to improve’ to ‘Good’, providing ‘Outstanding features’. Technology was judged to be one of the crucial elements in this transformation.

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, we expect to see classrooms transformed. Imagine interactive learning centres with a wealth of multimedia materials, these ‘smartrooms’ may feature projections in 3D or multiple electronic display surfaces around the walls that let pupils share their work with the class through a networked projector. It’s our view that, by using state-of-the-art education technology, teachers will be able to place visual learning at the heart of children’s classroom experience.

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Technology for change

Epson EB-455Wi Interactive Ultra-Short-Throw Make any surface interactive without the need for a screen or whiteboard. This package comes with everything that's needed to create a collaborative learning or working experience, including projector, digital pen and wall-mount. The Epson EB-455Wi achieves an image size of up to 97 inches, fully interactive right to the corners.

Epson ELP-DC11 Visualiser for schools

A desktop visualiser for easy-to-use, interactive learning. The device, essentially a high-quality 5 megapixel camera on a rugged, hinged arm, is designed to help teachers at primary and secondary schools effortlessly share 3D objects, books, experiments and even living things with classes and also create multimedia lesson notes.

Epson ELPCB01 Control and Connection Box Simply plug your Epson projector and signal sources such as laptops or DVD players into the ELPCB01 Control and Connection Box, then enjoy the convenience of having your projector controls at your fingertips. Focus on the lesson rather than your equipment: there’s no more fiddling with ceiling-mounted inputs or remote controls - you can switch between sources at the touch of a button, saving valuable teaching time.

Epson ELPSP02 Dual 15W Active Speakers Ensure students never struggle to hear with these high-quality speakers. Everything needed to install them is included - mounting units, screws and cables - offering excellent value for money. A built-in amplifier makes these 15W speakers active rather than passive, ensuring powerful sound.

uEpson press office: 01442 227 275

26 November 2011

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