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Health & Safety

Inspiring Fitness for All W

ith the Olympics looming and guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer

Comment by Miles Rimell, Marketing Director (EMEA & APAC) for Precor

encouraging participation with the focus on vigorous activity, now is the perfect opportunity for educational establishments to inspire students to take up sport, and engage in an active lifestyle. The Olympic values of friendship, excellence and respect, and the Paralympic history and values of inspiration, courage, determination and equality offer the ideal basis to capitalise on the eagerness and enthusiasm that will grow with the games drawing nearer. Unfortunately many schools’ facilities are dated and in need of refurbishment. Schools and colleges play an integral part in the community and have the ability to make a positive impact not just on the students but also on a wider audience. This is even more likely if they are able to provide state-of-the-art leisure facilities through development or refurbishment, along with the latest fitness equipment.

These facilities can be used by the local neighbourhood out of school hours, and potentially create a revenue stream that can be reinvested elsewhere within the site. They may also assist the school in achieving National Healthy Schools status, and could also provide much needed amenities for other local schools to utilise.

Ensuring the right environment is created and that the activities offered are what the local population want, will ultimately lead to more people enjoying an active lifestyle.

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The Future of Fitness L

eading fitness solutions supplier Precor’s latest innovation, the P80 touch screen console is already making an impact on the fitness world, having only been launched in March this year.

Following three and a half years of research, development and testing, the P80 console incorporates a highly robust, commercial-grade capacitive touch screen, which allows users to interact with the software with sweeping gesture motions. Other features include an upright viewing angle for correct posture, new simple to use motion controls and high quality graphics. Independent research at two UK trial sites, the Wentworth Club and 37 Degrees, shows the console is leading exercisers to opt for a whole new routine, with 31.9% of users side-stepping the quick start button and instead choosing either the ‘Featured Workout’ option, which is changed daily, or a session from the extensive body part related list of workouts. While the P80 console is a breakthrough in its own right, there is also a further highly significant dimension as each console features an Ethernet connection, enabling networking.

Miles Rimell, Marketing Director for Precor comments: “Research shows 76% of exercisers experience some degree of boredom while using cardio equipment, but the P80’s premium interactive design, combined with a fully integrated media experience, appears to satisfy even the most demanding gym goers needs. 91% of people asked enjoyed using the new touch screen, and higher levels of engagement will ultimately result in more motivated users.”

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