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Health & Safety

Tork adds three foam soaps to hand care range


CA has introduced a new antimicrobial foam hand cleaner and two eco-labelled foam soaps. Containing 40% ethanol which destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi, Tork Antimicrobial Foam Cleanser is kind to the hands and incorporates lower concentrations of alcohol than other sanitisers on the market. “This is effectively a soap and disinfectant in one,” says SCA product and segment manager Charlotte Branwhite. “It is ideal for use in the food and healthcare industries where a germicidal action is often preferred. The fact that it contains emollient ingredients such as glycerine and betaine means it can be used frequently without causing chapping.”

Tork Mild Foam Soap contains natural skin lipids to prevent dryness, while Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap is fragrance-free and contains no sulphates that could irritate the eyes.

Tork foam soaps are housed in a dispenser that has been designed for easy use by children and people with reduced hand strength.

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£1.2m extension for Olympic School for Cheshire A

£1.2million extension to Malbank School and Sixth Form College in Nantwich has opened for use by students and the local community. Home to 1,300 students, the school’s involvement in promoting sport, and the values of the Olympics, has led to national and international recognition, and it is now the Olympic School for Cheshire, part of the Get Set for 2012 network, which recognises commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic values, and acknowledges involvement in the 2012 education programme. Malbank’s Olympic connections have also inspired the design of their new multi-functional extension, known as ‘The Olympic Boulevard’. The 700sq m space, which is to be used by both the school and the community, includes an ICT suite, family learning centre, fitness suite, a Starbucks internet café and additional dining facilities.

The 100 sq m gym has been kitted out with the latest Precor Experience Series S-line strength range, including the new dual usage stations, along with a selection of cardio equipment, including treadmills, crosstrainers, upright and recumbent bikes.

Jeannette Walker, Head Teacher at the school, comments: “To have state of the art equipment available for our students and our community is fantastic. Students, staff and local residents are already using it and we are excited about the positive impact that this will have.”

You don’t need magic to turn any classroom into a music rehearsal studio..

You just need JamHub Silent Rehearsal

Bursars love it. Teachers love it. Students love it. Just some of the benefi ts of using JamHub:

 Removal of all noise pollution from teaching space  Multiple band rehearsals in one room  Increase in attainment of all students  Teachers control what they hear and when they want to hear  Allows world class delivery of music curriculum

Watch the YouTube Video

Working Together

Students can be grouped together personally, in pairs or any combination e.g. bands. They learn in their own virtual recording studio with control of their own audio mix.

Available from The Mix Music Education.

Distributed in the UK by SCV London.

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