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Instantly streamlining school efficiencies with Groupcall Emerge

The Angmering School, located in Angmering, West Sussex is a specialist Sports and Science College which caters for mixed learners aged between 11-18 years. Marc Ginnaw IT Manager explains the benefits of Groupcall’s Emerge for the school following a successful trial with three users. They now intend to roll it out further.

Convenience at hand I first encountered Groupcall Emerge aer seeking a new handheld soluon for register taking; we had previously been using Bromcom for registraon and were using PDAs (personal digital systems) for PE registers on the field. However, we stopped using Bromcom for lesson registering as we started using the SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG) and needed lesson marks to show on it. The marks from Bromcom do not show in SLG but the marks from SIMS Lesson Monitor do. We had hoped to use SLG on our Windows Mobile Devices but the internet browsers we tested with it didn’t work well enough.

Groupcall’s Emerge parcularly appealed due to immediately being user-friendly; it presented a fast and simple soluon. I was instantly able to recognise its benefits for real-me registering as well as being able to take registers off- site and then to synchronise the data later.

In PE lessons, taking registers outside on the field with a laptop is impraccal and inconvenient for the teacher. One alternave would be to mark students via paper-based registers but this can be difficult, parcularly in disagreeable weather condions, and being located near the coast we are oen familiar with this! Therefore, the ability to conduct registraon via a handheld device is excellent! We have successfully trialled Groupcall Emerge with 2 PE teachers and will soon be rolling it out to the rest of the department. The teachers are keen to start using the iPod, not just for taking registers, but also for educaon-related apps and having the ability to use the device for videoing evidence and playing it back on classroom projectors. Having this extra value makes it a lot easier to encourage staff to adopt a new process.

The emerging future I can see Emerge will be parcularly useful for off-site visits where there can oen be a requirement for instant access to student’s personal informaon, such as medical data. For example, should a student fall ill and require possible medical aenon, the power of being able to immediately find these details regarding possible allergies is huge. Planning for off-site trips is me-consuming, yet with Emerge providing this informaon in a hand-held device, the teacher’s workload may be reduced through not needing to compile a student file prior to each school trip. The result is a far more efficient and faster process which means staff me can be beer spent on acvity planning for example. Finally, some feedback from one of our Emerge users; Shaun Smith, Student Support Manager explains how using Emerge on his iPhone 4 has helped:

I have been up and running with using Groupcall Emerge for approximately 12 weeks now. To get right to the point, it’s been FANTASTIC!!

I would at a guess say it saves me at least an hour a day and has proven useful while at home when I just need to call parents or give informaon out.

Below are the main benefits: • Time saved • All parents numbers at my fingerps • The Emerge App is extremely intuive and user friendly • The speed I'm retrieving data is simply excellent • Password protecon works extremely well and it has become roune to come into school in the morning and update during forum, and then work off line for the rest of the day • The ability to restrict access to contacts for staff but sll have their metable works well.

For further informaon on Groupcall’s products and services or to arrange for a free trial, please contact us on: 020 8502 7344, email: or visit our website:

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