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Heating in Schools – the Complete Boiler and Renewable Package from MHS


o ensure schools and colleges can benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) MHS Boilers, part of ELCO Heating Solutions, offers renewable technologies, including: Auron® DF, a direct flow-through vacuum tube collector, Solatron® S2.5, a state of the art flat collector.

MHS Boilers also provides Aerotop® and Aquatop®, air and ground source heat pumps, plus ultra-efficient condensing boilers, designed to help all education facilities maintain a cost effective operation for heating and hot water systems – particularly useful in these financially challenging times.

The introduction of the RHI means schools can receive inflation adjusted payments quarterly for any renewable heat they generate and use for the next 20 years. The Government has committed £860 million to the scheme, which aims to improve take-up of renewable technologies, including: biomass, solar thermal and ground and water source heat-pumps. It has been calculated that if all 25,000 schools in England fitted solar panels, 48,000 tons of carbon dioxide could be saved annually.

Solar Thermal

There is plenty of scope to utilise properly applied solar thermal systems within schools such as the Auron® DF, a direct flow- through vacuum tube collector, which can in certain circumstances support centralised primary systems. It has an extremely flexible and stable mounting system to make alignment towards the sun simple. Together with the innovative hydraulic construction of the collector, every possible variation of roof, wall and floor positioning is available to maximise ease of use and installation. The conversion of the sun’s rays into heat energy occurs via an absorber plate in an evacuated glass tube which uses a vacuum to ensure heat loss into the ambient air is almost completely prevented.

The Solatron® S2.5 is a state-of-the art flat plate collector, designed to be versatile, and economic. The face of the Solatron® S2.5 is manufactured from 3.2 mm thick solar safety glass which meets the highest hail protection requirements and has a structured surface to reduce reflection. The panel is cemented with weather-resistant silicone to keep rain and melt water from penetrating the collector. To make installation effortless and easy the Solatron® S2.5 is lightweight (at less than 50kG) with horizontal and vertical options for on-roof and frame mounting, including an in-roof solution for the vertical units.


MHS Boilers also has an extensive range of biomass boilers with outputs from 20kW to

2MW. A biomass heating system is not only a very cost effective carbon saving and simple way to supply heating & hot water but it is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, reducing dependence on more traditional fossil fuels.

Heat Pumps

Aquatop® units offer highly efficient conversion of ground or water source heat energy for the heating of buildings or hot water generation. Ground source heat pumps, like the Aquatop® from MHS, operate at their best with heating systems optimised to run at lower water temperatures of around 40°. This makes them ideal for under-floor space heating systems in school buildings such as gymnasiums or halls and can be ideal in class rooms where wall space may be at a premium and it also avoids the possibility of surface temperature related issues.


Ian Bradley, Managing Director, MHS Boilers, said: “Every school has different demands, facilities and budgets, so a ‘one size fits all’ solution just isn’t appropriate. To make benefitting from the RHI as straightforward as possible, we are always happy to discuss options with consultants and contractors.”

MHS Boilers, part of Elco Heating Solutions, has over 30 years’ experience in supplying an extensive range of light industrial and large commercial condensing boilers. This is complemented by the latest renewable energy technology and is supported by a dedicated field- based sales team. In conjunction with strong technical departments, MHS Boilers provide system design guidance and heating solutions to both specifiers and installers.

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November 2011

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