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NEWS // FEATURES // NEW PRODUCTS Rutronik and Renesas expand distribution

Strategic partnership in automotive sector

Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH will now be distributing the entire Renesas product range throughout Europe. Both companies are working together with particular intensity in the automotive sector: Renesas Electronics has selected Rutronik as its strategic automotive distributor for all of Europe. This means that Rutronik can now also supply automotive customers not previously directly served by Renesas. Other focus markets include Industrial and Renewable Energies. "Just like Renesas, Rutronik has

contract to cover all of Europe of the entire Renesas product range, focusing in particular on the automotive market. Renesas and Rutronik application engineers work closely together to provide technical support and design-in support for automotive customers. Renesas also provides its distributor with special automotive training. Rutronik has been the distribution

partner of Renesas Technology since it was established. For more than ten years, the distributor has worked with NEC, which merged with Renesas Technology in 2010 to form Renesas Electronics. Renesas Electronics is one of

its own Automotive Vertical Market Team, made up of product and application specialists, who focus specifi cally on the automotive market," explains Heiko Zimmermann, Senior Sales Engineer Major Distribution at Renesas Electronics. "It was this focused approach with the corresponding broad and extensive expertise and the very successful cooperation to date that has led us to select Rutronik as a strategic distribution partner for the key automotive market." Rutronik

is now responsible for Europe-wide distribution

10 EIU /

the world's largest manufacturers of semiconductors, with a product range comprising microcontrollers, ASIC, logic and analogue ICs, discrete semiconductors as well as SRAM and EEPROM modules. "The Renesas microcontrollers are able to meet all the requirements of our customers for high-quality, innovative components with long-term availability. This means

that Renesas is an important focus supplier for Rutronik and we are proud that we have been selected as a strategic Renesas partner for the strong automotive market," says Daniela Treuer, Line Manager at Rutronik. "Of course, automotive certifi cation of the products also plays an important role." Renesas developed the fourth

generation of its V850 microcontroller especially for automotive applications: The P series for chassis and safety applications, the D series for

dashboard applications, the F series for bodywork applications and the S series for vehicle audio systems. All products are based on the 90 nm MONOS Flash technology (metal oxide nitride oxide silicon) and use the 32-bit V850E2 CPU core with an outstanding processing power of 2.5 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone MIPS per megahertz). This covers a power range of 48 MHz (120 MIPS), 80 MHz (200 MIPS) to 160 MHz (400 MIPS). Each product series is scaleable

with respect to storage capacity, peripherals,

pin count and power, enabling complete

software and hardware

compatibility to be ensured within each series. Fully verifi ed AUTOSAR V3.0/3.1 MCAL software drivers are available for all modules in the fourth MCU generation.

September 2011

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