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You’ve been making music for a while, tell us how it all was for you starting out in Croyden and working at The Big Apple? I had been buying records from The Big Apple for years, Garage and Drum & Bass back in those days, so I knew John and Artwork well. Then one day I walked in job- less and at the time John needed a hand behind the counter and I obviously new all the labels and what was what, so I fitted right in.

You’re one of the founding fathers of Dubstep, did you think at the time that Dubstep was gonna be as big as what it’s become? I always knew there was room for the sound, but at the time I genuinely never thought it would go crazy like it has.

You and N-Type have set up the record label Sin City, how did that come about? We just had so much good music coming our way, it made sense at the time and turned out to be a great move with massive releases, nightclub events and festival arenas coming up.

When can we expect the next Sin City night..soon we hope?

Right now TGN are mad about Basher. Transmission is Basher’s debut LP that will be released on Ram Records in June. Recent years have seen Ram Records blow up Sub Focus and Chase & Status, acting as a launch pad into major label deals and pop production. Reaching out from the underground into the world of mainstream music, Andy C’s A & R skills have been undeniable at every turn,

Tabatha Taylor

The history of Dubstep could not be told without mentioning one name in particular... We caught the founding father of Dubstep himself, Hatcha for the latest news about his hotly anticipated 100% Pure Dubstep compilation.

We have a few coming up actu- ally, we are hosting a stage at the HD Festival in Essex on the 19th June, then we have Sin City Vs Stink Like Sock on the 2nd July in Cambridge and finally we have Fabric on the 5th August.

You have just released your 100% Pure Dubstep compila- tion album. Was it a good laugh putting this together? The whole compilation thing is always good fun and this one was especially good. It was a laugh getting involved in the TV add and I must say...100% Pure Dubstep is out now ; )

It seems like you have been busy! You also have Hat- chatv, for those who don’t know what its about can you explain? is somewhere where you can find mix down- loads, information about the scene and what’s happen- ing. Also the crazy night club episode’s from the hatchatv crew who film the events and also com- petitions and release info.

What festivals are you look- ing forward to playing at this summer? Outlook in Croatia , Marleyfest

in Miami, Creamfields is always heavy and a couple others yet to be announced!

You started out on pirate radio and now you have your own show on KISS this must be a big achievement? Yep sure is, we have been there for some time now and I gotta say we do have a laugh there. We always get great feedback as well, regarding both the show and our special guests

What’s been the sickest party you have been to/played at?! Dammm there’s a few! I wouldn’t wanna say one, incase I piss off the other but the best clubs though would be Fabric, Para- diso, U Club but these are just a few of many!

Do you you play differently for different crowds? It totally depends on what kind of night your playing at and the size of the crowd. If it’s a small place you tend to zone out and get deep with the crowd, then if it’s a mas- sive couple of thousand people then you know it’s a bit more party time.

What tracks should we be looking out for at the mo-

ment? Albarsh - Hatcha VS Lost - Sin City Records. Skream -Xmas Day - Disfigured I think don’t hold me to it though. There are some serious Benga bits as well in my bag at the moment that are going down well, and also Computation by Dismantle that’s coming on Wheel & Deal Records...big tune!

If you were invisible for the day what trouble would you get up to?! No comment ; )

Where can we catch you next, can we come and film? Yeah course you can! I’ll be in Plymouth at Karma on Friday.

Can you give us an exclusive? Of course, N- Type has a false leg!

Hatcha’s album, 100% Pure Dubstep is out now. Keep up to date on Hatcha events

Bringing you the biggest beats from the past, all remastered for the modern age, are a little known act called Capricore. Capricore have devised a series called Back2Hard- core. Each mix contains a snapshot of ‘Breakbeat Hardcore’- tracks that you’ve probably heard whilst raving each year from 1989 right through to 1994. Eventually it evolved into what we now

know and love as ‘Drum and Bass’. At the moment, the Back2Hardcore series is up to 1991 with another year being posted every month. So stay tuned to Mixcloud at www.mix- to get your fix on Hard core tunes!

You can also find their Facebook page here

and here we see him turn his attention to the Ram crew’s best kept secret. ‘Transmis- sion’ is a D&B album in the old fashioned sense and one that should be applauded by anyone who loves Drum & Bass. Make sure you pick up your copy on June 13th. Also make sure you get down to Fabric on 9th June for his album launch. For more information go to


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