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REVENUE OFFERED Respond targets website owners with a new way to generate income from advertising online

By adding the free Respond button to their sites, publishers can now earn revenue whenever their visitors click the button to send an enquiry to learn more about a product or service.

And the publisher keeps 70% of the income generated from enquiries. This equates to an average of £20 per enquiry in personal fi nance, as the fi rst sector to go live, according to the company. Guy Cookson, co-founder of Respond, commented: “Sales enquiries are worth much more to advertisers than clicks and impressions, which means we are able to provide publishers with a much better return. Respond is designed to complement existing ad models, and provides a brand new revenue stream with minimal effort as it takes only minutes to add Respond to your site.”

FLEXIBLE MAINS POWER Mainline increases versatility of new and refurbished retail space, eliminating overloaded multi-gang sockets and trailing extension leads Mainline is an innovative, multi-award winning, track-based power distribution solution designed to provide retailers with quick, easy and fl exible access to mains power whenever and wherever it is needed.


BS standard 1 and 2-complaint, Mainline can be surface mounted, cut in or integrated into dados, skirting boards, and chair rails or along work surfaces and around corners. Mainline power outlets can be added, removed or repositioned without the inconvenience or expense associated with calling in a qualifi ed electrician. In 2010, Mainline won the prestigious Red Dot Product

Design Award, in the Architecture and Interior Design category, as well as an Australian International Design Award in the Housing & Business category. The system was also shortlisted in the Innovative Power Product of the Year category in the Electrical Industry Awards 2010.

TESCO TACKLES CHECKOUT ‘SWEETHEARTING’ Scan-It-All detects when cashiers pretend to scan merchandise but deliberately bypass the scanner

StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, which developed Scan-It-All, recently announced the UK retail giant Tesco had taken on its patented technology. StopLift’s patent-protected computer vision technology visually determines what occurs during each and every transaction to identify fraud at the checkout. As soon as a “sweethearting” incident occurs, the software, which constantly monitors


100% of a retailer’s security video, fl ags the transaction as suspicious and reports the incident. And the cloud-based system is also expanding its reach to the self- checkout.

The technology eliminates costly, time- consuming human review of video, as well as reducing and deterring fraud at the checkout, said Malay Kundu, StopLift chief executive. “Furthermore, using the

incidents detected from their own stores, retailers are now able to train staff on the signals indicating when customers are either having problems using the self-checkout or are exhibiting suspicious behaviour.”

The company said it would make more details on Tesco’s use of the technology available in the near future.

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