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OPP Industry Awards

Best Innovation – Assetz/MyPortfolio |
Best of the best in 2009
Year Innovation
First Assetz 322
Second Proxio 310
Third yoo 301
Why did Assetz win this year?
The criteria for the Best Innovation
Award focuses on how the entrant’s
products or services helped agents
to sell more eff ectively. The most
subscribed category in 2009, with
a wide variety of entries, Assetz’
MyPortfolio software product won
out because it helped agents to
empower clients while qualifying
the prospect and increasing the
likelihood of a sale. It also addressed
the issue of trust by presenting
agents as informed professionals,
and scored well on its collaborative
elements because it reassures DESTINA
fi nancial advisers as potential referral
partners. Assetz’ entry focused solely
on the main questions, providing
only relevant detail – and by
following the entry template it was
Self assurance
By allowing investors some control over the process they are not only more reassured by the investment
much easier for the judges to score.
proposition but also by the agent or fi nancial adviser that is selling the product
The long-standing, recognised property investment companies collaborative element of the award the ‘buy property and hope it goes up
are those that have been able to adapt to the increasingly high criteria and addressing a perennial in price’ principle.”
level of competition using innovation to keep at the cutting issue with IT solutions: training. By covering the full range of
edge of their industry. This software is an example of a solution To make the software work for any potential variables and setting out the
used by property professionals who have adapted to this property professional, Assetz had to exact cost of a property investment,
evolving marketplace. make it adaptable to any property the software tries to adapt to the
investment in any country. It can mindset of buyers who now feel that
the websites of property management, analysis models to assist clients model and compare funds, syndicates they should be careful with every
rental, insurance and fi nance investing in other fi nancial assets.” and property purchased in a UK Self- penny they spend. This also ensures
companies, it gives professionals Assetz found that fi nancial advisers Invested Personal Pension (SIPP). It it is in line with the Financial Services
an opportunity to build stronger who were reluctant to give advice can compare new properties with Authority’s ‘Treating Customers
relationships with those fi rms, who can in the area of unregulated foreign other investment opportunities and Fairly’ policy to prepare property
benefi t from introductions to a new property investments such as holiday highlight if the scheme has excessive professionals for possible future
client base. homes could do so more easily once running costs, a low net yield or limited regulation.
Enquiries to these companies they had been fully trained to use the re-fi nancing options. VEL
are generated online, arguably a software. They were then able to use “The long-standing, recognised Perception and professionalism
more effi cient method than time- example properties provided by a property investment companies Helping property professionals who
consuming calls or emails, which are partner professional to demonstrate are those that have been able to use it to deliver a high level of service,
not necessarily or easily logged. And by building a portfolio with the software. adapt to the increasingly high level My Portfolio paints a positive image
providing a smooth link to these fi rms, The professional, meanwhile, could of competition using innovation to of the industry by demonstrating the
the property professionals off er more forward clients to the adviser for more keep at the cutting edge of their level of detail an agent knows about
impressive customer service with less specialist investment guidance using industry,” says Law. “This software is an the properties they are selling, as well
risk of human error. the software as an aid. example of a solution used by property as the due diligence that they have
The software also helps property professionals who have adapted to this undertaken to compile the data and
professionals to form partnerships Train to gain evolving marketplace. reveal all possible costs to the investor. ARKE
with fi nancial adviser companies, All property professionals that join “The software has equally helped It can also help to improve the
who are more likely to recognise the Assetz affi liate programme are property professionals to adapt to perception of property investment
the advantages of the Assetz off ered training on the strategy used doing business during a recession among independent fi nancial advisers
programme. The OPP judges agreed, in conjunction with the software and by giving them the tools to show by showing that the same principles
with one commenting: “This model on how to get the most out of the prospective clients that property they would apply to investments as a
is particularly helpful for the IFA software for themselves, their partners investments can follow a realistic, whole can also be applied in the
community who use similar risk- and their clients – thus fulfi lling the sensible strategy that does not rely on property sector.
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