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Developer sees Mini
boom at launch party
Thailand-based firm Astudo Hotel & the prices of international hotel-
Resort Group sold 15 units of its latest branded properties, Astudo CEO
project at a launch party in Bangkok in Anthony McDonald told OPP.
December. Night to remember
Buyers were attracted to the Astudo’s party and competition
Over 300 guests attended the launch Investment potential
at Fallabella, the official bar of the Royal “There are two buyer types we see at the only targeted Asia, but Astudo plans Scandinavia, Russia, UK and Australia.
Bangkok Sports Club in Rajadamri. The moment. The first one is the longer term to roll out a wider campaign in 2010 Those will be targeted through sales
first ten buyers were given free Mini visionary; the low pricing will guarantee to attract more foreign buyers. “We are agents in those countries, PR, property
Cooper cars as they signed contracts them double-digit capital growth over approaching the marketing somewhat exhibitions, etc.”
for properties at the company’s X2 the coming years. The other buyer has slowly, going with the gradual Resorts in Kui Buri, Koh Samui and
Residences located across Thailand. maybe a little less money, or wants to improvement in the economic situation Koh Kood are already on sale, with
The company hopes to attract a mix leverage the investment and looks at globally, ” said McDonald. developments in Bangkok and Rayong
of foreign and local buyers depending the positive (post financing) cash flows also planned. The projects include
on the resort location, with overseas they can get from their villa.” High-end marketing luxury apartments and villas with five-
buyers expected to take up 80% of the Buyers receive guaranteed rental “Focus will be on word of mouth, star resort facilities and are on sale at
Samui resort. income of 5% for the first five years marketing to guests who stay in the between THB4.5 million and THB44.4
So far some of the strongest interest of ownership and have two months’ resort, website and digital marketing, million. Astudo plans to launch 11
has been from local buyers who wanted holiday access to the properties. and public relations,” he added. “Foreign X2 Residence Projects throughout
a luxury residence but couldn’t justify The company’s marketing has so far buyers will be from Hong Kong, Southeast Asia by the end of 2012.
Thai developers reveal
2010 expansion plans
Two of Thailand’s biggest property for Thai buyers, a shift from its previous
developers have announced large focus on the foreign market that
projects for 2010, one launching includes closing its sales office in Russia.
international developments and the It follows the company’s report into a
other targeting the local market. surge of Bangkok condominium sales On the horizon
Raimon Land will target its new luxury condos at the local market
House and condominium builder in the third quarter of 2009.
Preuksa Real Estate plans to increase Pitchon, executive director of CB driven almost exclusively by foreign
its investments in China and Indonesia Market slowdown Richard Ellis Thailand. demand, have seen a very low volume
and expand to the Maldives, with the The moves represent Thai developers’ “[In Bangkok] prices for off-plan sales of transactions but, in the case of
aim of lifting revenue to THB100 billion attempts to seek new revenue sources and new projects are lower but this is Phuket, buyers expecting Florida-style
($3 billion) by 2017. in the wake of the global downturn. mainly because new development has discounts were disappointed. Owners
Raimon Land, meanwhile, intends However, prices of new properties been focused on areas with lower land of property in Phuket were all cash
to continue developing luxury haven’t been as badly affected as in prices,” he told OPP. buyers with no borrowing available for
condominiums but with larger projects western markets, according to James “The resort markets, which are foreign purchasers.”
Target over 60,000 Agents, IFAs, Developers,
Fund Managers and associated professionals
You can reach some, or all of them, by emailing the OPP trade database.
For details call +44 (0)20 8439 9580 or email
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