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BUSINESS FOCUS Inspection trips
on inspection trips, clients and their
insurance companies will look for
someone to blame – which could mean
lengthy and costly litigation.
“As we are not ATOL registered its
not been a problem so far and as for
liability from trips they we would be
covered by our own liability insurance,”
says Garrigae’s Bartram. “I did have a
client once who broke several bones in
her foot but that’s another story.”
The AIPP’s CEO, Paul Owen, is
currently working on new guidelines
for members on inspection trips to
highlight the potential liabilities. “Make
sure you are not breaking any laws,” he
says. “If you are organising ‘packages’
that cover travel from the UK and
accommodation, you are subject to
rules of the Trading Standards Institute.
Additionally, if the package involves
a fl ight, then you need to meet ATOL
Tailored tours
“Flexibility is essential,” says Chris Gardner, area manager for UK & Ireland at Pafi lia (developer of Minthis The inspection trip seems to be alive
Hills above). “You may need to ensure that the property they stay at faces the right direction and satisfi es the needs of and well and helping the industry sell;
feng shui, or you may need to avoid food and drink during the day if it is Ramadan.” but pre-qualifi cation and tailoring the
trip as much as possible are the key to
What is your How should Do you think How do habits
policy on paying an inspection that inspection vary among
for inspection trip be trips are as diff erent
structured for eff ective as they international
We are happy to
success? used to be? buyer types?
run a subsidised
Create a menu
Whilst we still British clients
inspection visit
of things to
off er inspec- have stopped
do and places
tion trips at a coming out and
for committed
to go - then
clients who have been qualifi ed as po-
very competitive price, only about those that do, do not want to go on an
let them choose. The client is king
tential buyers by our agents in the UK
5% of our clients come on an inspec- inspection trip but rather try and get
and should feel in total control.
and who have paid an initial reserva-
tion trip, with 95% deciding to come bargains and make unreal off ers (50%
Find out every scrap of information
tion deposit against a property in good
about them before they get on a
independently. With exceptional discounts). Dutch and Belgians are
faith. The sale becomes dependent
plane - how many kids, their favourite
vetting we are getting a conversion more geared towards the inspection
upon the inspection, we put time limits hobbies, pets, past holidays, etc. Give
rate of around 65%, and fi nd we are trip. If possible a 2-3 day trip is optimal
on how quickly the inspection must
the client fi ve star service - no matter
spending less time and less capital so they get to see all the properties of
be made after paying the deposit and
what they reserve, you would be with clients as they tend to arrange the company and a realistic view of
then require a fi nal decision within four
surprised at the people who trade up.
to meet other agents they have con- the fi rm. In 2009 there were more and
weeks after the visit (thus automati-
Keep in contact at least once a week
tacted through the net. Of course, if more ‘own steamers’ coming out and
before a viewing trip is conducted
cally allowing a cooling off period). We
they buy we do have a full trip refund viewing large areas in their own time.
and get people who have been to
believe that client qualifi cation before
policy. We now have a more inter- Russian clients cannot just come for
the area to give advice on what they
purchase and deposit payments result
national clientele, taking in Russia, 2-3 days as the trip itself is 6 hours and
most liked about it in an enthusiastic
in a much more committed client. It
Holland, Germany, and Norway, and takes up a whole day. Russians prefer
manner. If your staff aren’t smiling
also means that, when a new develop-
and excited don’t let them pick up
fi nd that buyers from these countries at least 5-7 days and they want to see
ment is launched for off -plan sales,
the phone. Make sure the person
are totally independent. Inspection everything, so as a builder I have a
fewer of the best units are withdrawn who is going to do the viewing trip
trips these days actually lessen the tough time getting them to even give a
from the sales list pending inspection
rings them before they arrive so there
likelihood of a sale as today’s foreign day or two during a trip. They normally
visits, allowing all clients a wider choice
is already a connection when they buyer is a much more discerning pay themselves no matter how much I
of property.
arrive at the airport.
customer. off er them in cash back, etc.
ARKE Robin Barrasford, Managing
Len Orford, Armando Macia,
Andreas Ioannou,
Sales & Marketing Director,
Director, Barrasford and Bird
Managing Director, Marketing Director, Grupo Marjal
Alpha Panareti
Romance of Turkey
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